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This week has flown by- I had great intentions of posting on both Lady Of The Arts and
Making Men Out Of Monkeys
but it is just not happening this week.
I have reoccurring carpal tunnel syndrome and my therapist made me promise not to use the computer…Shh- 
If your are interested, please check out my posts over at
Making Men Out Of Monkeys
- where we did this project:


Silver Strands said...

Yikes. Carpel-tunnel is awful. I had it during my pregnancies and it was so limiting. Hang in there friend!

Clair said...

Ouch-sounds painful-I agree with your therapist-however frustrating-you MUST rest your hands. Hope you feel better soon.

Nuit said...

carpel-tunnel is aweful!! get well!!! xoxoxo

dotblogg said...

I'm so sorry..take care there!

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