Farts And Crafts

I have two monkeys- 
They call our art activities Farts and Crafts
I like to think of them as Art Education
Look out for 'Questions To Consider' at the bottom of each Farts and Crafts post.

Some of my thoughts about inspiration in art education:
One of the feelings that is common to many first time mothers is the realization that although you have changed outwardly- inside you are still the same person. Since I became a mother I have always believed that everything that I love can be tailored to suit my children no matter what their age.  I can’t pretend to be something that I’m not and I think especially children can sense feigned passion- So I ‘give’ my children what I feel passionate about-  When I see art work that moves me I share it with my children, if I see a cool design I tell them why I think it is so, if I read a book, learn a word, see a film, eat a meal, travel- I talk about it with them- passion is contagious and for me is about teaching them to appreciate the finer things in life- namely The Arts.  
The challenge for me has always been the translation aspect- to take what I as a woman love and to transfer that passion to the interests of young boys- but this is what keeps my creativity flowing- the transformation of the passion.  

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