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{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ~soulemama


Summer Foods

Photos taken with my IPhone- of food we've been eating:

Arugula, cucumber and cherry tomato salad

Citrus fruit

zucchini and sausages

tomato, mozzarella and spinach salad- with fresh ground white pepper

mushroom pie

Spinach pie

Home made bread with eggs and tomato

What foods are you eating this summer?


Fashion Photography By Ryan Yoon- All You Can Get

This series of couture dresses high fashion modeling and common objects makes for an interesting juxtaposition.  
The use of M&M's in the first dress is quirky with a sensual serious vibe.
Eat the dress! 

A wink towards being furless perhaps- this topless model is surround by a childhood favorite, I am guessing no Ted. E. Bears were harmed in the production of this shoot. 

A laundromat background projects a Cinderella like figure in a regal gown made out of Tide packaging.

This wave of Diet Coke cans is nothing short of amazing.

I really love conceptual art that uses common features in unique ways.
To see more of Ryan Yoon's work for this project titled All You Can Get click HERE


Organizing Craft And Art Space- Feng Shui Your Craft Space

Making art and nurturing creativity in yourself and others is fundamental to happiness.
I am a huge believer in creating with what you have and using recycled materials to make new things.
Having basic materials and tools is important to the creative process. 
Even spontaneous art requires having an organized platform.    

Here are some ideas I use to organize and Feng Shui our craft space:
1. Less is more- if you don't think you are going to use things, particularly stuff your monkeys have grown out of -or things you have been saving but not using- consider donating them to someone who will.  Don't be afraid to purge- giving new life to materials that you are not using, clears the way for your creative space and may inspire someone else's. 
2. Group like things together- String with string, glue with glue and glitter with glitter.  I also like grouping things with color.
3. Consolidate- As long as you have fundamental tools and material out- you can get started.  Keep extra materials or tools put away and remember what you have where. We have huge storage containers in the garage where we keep extra toilet paper rolls, fruit bag netting, jars, non- chemical spray bottles, flattened boxes, etc. 
4. This brings me to labels and lists- everything that you can't see easily- stick a label on it.
5. Finally make sure you have the basics.  If you are just starting out, make a list and go to craft stores when they have sales to get things like glue guns, fabric/glass paints, paint brushes etc. at 50% off.
I have a peg board in my office and make it my responsibility to keep it organized and stocked.
It is easy to see what we have and because it is in 'my' space- it is understood that these materials are to be used with permission.  
As monkeys get older they need less supervision but I like to know when fabric paint is being used and for what! 
I keep 'craft kits' in the monkeys rooms with scissors, water based paint, glue, coloring tools and papers.

We added these recycled cans to our craft corner peg board to hold some writing and painting tools
We painted them:
and then used clips and hooks to get them to hang on the board:
they worked out perfectly.

I like to keep some extra supplies in jars so it is easy to see-
I have this fold up table in my office beside my computer desk:
I try to keep it clear! To make it easier I make space for my sewing machine and unfinished craft projects on shelves in the office closet.  If everything has its place it is more likely to end up put away.

How do you manage/organize your art and craft supplies? 


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thanks so much to everyone who joined this giveaway and to Taryn for sponsoring it.
The winner as chosen by my youngest monkey is Courtney of A Life Sustained 


this moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ~soulemama
Today is the last day to enter the 
Green Mama Design Giveaway


Peanut Butter Drops

Quick and filling snack that is easy to make and easy to grab to take along on your summer adventures.

1 cup of sugar
1 cup white Karo Syrup
4 1/2 cups cereal
1 1/2 cups peanut butter (I prefer crunchy)

Heat sugar and syrup until it is almost like water then take off heat and quickly mix with peanut butter.
Mix thoroughly- then add cereal.  Mix thoroughly.
Drop from teaspoon onto wax paper.

What is your favorite quick snack to make and take?


Recycled, Upcycled Plastic Bags

It takes 1,000 years for ONE PLASTIC BAG to degrade 
(and contaminate our soil and water)

My friend S has been making these cool upcycled creations out of plastic grocery bags.
She cuts up strips and uses it as if it were a yarn to knit these little pocket books.  She then uses vintage buttons to complete the piece.  Each bag takes a few hours to make but can be used indefinitely.  They are surprisingly sturdy and can even be machine washed.   

I use the minimal plastic bags I do get as small trash bags or poop and scoop bags-
I am in the habit of bringing my own bags with me wherever I go.

To read more creative tips on how to reduce your plastic use
Read about The Plastic Coalitions Pledge

I wrote a post here about about a hotel made out of beach trash and about the Pacific Garbage Patch 

How do you reuse your plastic bags?


Beach Weekend

 We spent the weekend at the beach.  
The monkeys had a great time examining the wildlife:
Seagulls and Pelicans

Sand Crabs- According to my youngest monkey you look for a 'V' shape in the sand and then dig
You will there find a flea like sand crab

Boogie boarding
Running around
Eating: My drink of choice at Kristy's wood oven pizza place

Cholada Thai
In n Out
I think we might have left some sand at the beach- but otherwise it's in our house.
My favorite thing to do at the beach is read- 
I didn't do much of that because I was worried the waves would carry away my boogie boarders- 
What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? 


Human Planet - BBC Earth

We just finished watching the Human Planet series over several family movie nights.
All four of us really enjoyed these well documented, educational and interesting shows.
This series captures the lives of humans around the world.  It covers people who live in and among: Oceans, Deserts, Arctic, Jungles, Mountains, Grasslands, Rivers and Cities. 
I asked my oldest monkey what were his favorite parts, this is what he came up with: 
In the Mountains show there is a family that has to travel six days through the ice and snow of the Himalayas to get to school.  In the Grassland's there is a tribe in Africa that has to protect their grain from monkeys but they can't kill them because they live on the edge of a National Park and anyone caught killing one of the protected monkey would be sentenced to seven years in jail.  In the Jungles video the people capture humongous bats and then eat them, even the wings.  In the Rivers one a man crosses rivers that are stronger than Niagara Falls to catch fish for his family.  
My youngest monkey wrote:  
I like the Rivers one the best and liked the Cities one with the cockroaches and rats (which I could not watch).  I like the Arctic episode where they caught the narwhals and whale.  I liked when the kids ate the tarantula.

What I liked most about this series is that there were so many glimpses into the way that others live, survive, make-do and flourish that I had never heard of.  The traditions and customs of people in remote locations were fascinating to watch and learn about.  The footage is award winning and nothing short of amazing.

Have you seen any of the Human Plant shows? 


Cool Shop In Telluride- Cashmere Red

The main street in Telluride- Colorado Avenue- has plenty of cool shops.  
I really enjoyed one shop in particular Cashmere Red for it's celebration of color, history and creative designs from around the world.

As the name suggests the Cashmere Red is a shop which specializes in cashmere knits.  

Made using the fleece from Kashmir goats these sweaters and accessories are made in an Scottish mill that has been in operation for over 125 years- Dedicated to high quality and vibrant colors, these cashmere's are guaranteed to keep you warm and fuzzy.  

The shop also sells housewares and jewelry 
These unique, hand crafted, resin home accents  and jewelry are made in Brazil by a company that is environmentally, culturally and ethically supportive of it's employees and customers.  In over forty years of production Sobral has been dedicated to making beautiful, colorful creations using both natural and recyclable materials from a natural petrol sub product. 
I also fell in love with these cool necklaces moulded from the original numbers, of the original Plaza hotel's bronze room numbers.
Made by Lulu Frost a third generation estate and antique jewelry company with an elegant vibe. 

Lucky for us CashmereRed also has an online shop
Click HERE to check it out! 

If you do get a chance to stop by their Telluride store be sure to say 'hi' to Daniella who is super nice and helpful.

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