Homeschool And Travel

In September we started our second year of homeschooling.  We also started a new program.  My boys work online and use textbooks, books, art supplies and manipulative’s.  The main reason we use an online program is to not worry about what the state standards are and whether we are meeting them.  

 Besides the organized program we supplement their learning with reading books, plays and poetry, our flag book project, art projects, daily field trips (playground, hike, museum), working around the house and extracurriculars (like sports and music). 

As always the main reason we homeschool is to travel.  Since we started homeschooling the boys have been to Central America, Europe and Africa. 
Six months ago we went to Guatemala and just recently returned from a trip which started in Barcelona and had us travel our way down (cars, buses, train and ferry) to Morocco where we spent three weeks in this exotic African country.  
We also do a lot of traveling within the United States and Canada. 

I’m looking forward to sharing some photos and posts about our latest trip.
If you want a sneak peak you can check out my Instagram profile: Lady Of The Arts
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nunu said...

oh ren.... i've missed so darn much! i have lost my ability to instagram since wiping it off my phone and then trying to reinstall but only to find that they got rid of the earlier version. my phone isn't advanced enough to use it. i can't wait to see your pics and hear more about your travels. how cool! i am also going to send my friend cheyenne to your blog. she is another auc spouse who is currently homeschooling her boys in worthing, england. she's taking her boys to spain this month and to morocco next year. i'm sure she'd love to see what you guys did and probably ask questions. her boys are around the same ages as your monkeys. i hope all is well with you. i do so miss our instagramming.

Sherri said...

So happy for you for following your gut to homeschool. What a gift you are giving your boys and your whole family. You are having such rich experiences! Glad I can live vicariously through photos!

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