Young Patriots Series

Eddie Rickenbacker
Boy Pilot and Racer
HELLO this is Monkey Number One here to review some books.  I have always really liked non-fiction books because I love history.  My grandfather is a historian and so I think I am like him.  Since we are homeschooling now I get a lot of time to read books about subjects I like.  These books from the Young Patriots are some of my favorites to learn about what famous Americans were like when they were kids my age.  Eddie Rickenbacker: Boy Pilot and Racer is AWESOME.  I like the book because along with learning interesting facts comes a GREAT story too.  Eddie reminds me of my grandfather from the stories he told me about when he was a little boy. He (and I)  were all mischievous little monkeys.  I also liked that he liked flying in World War 1 (i’m fascinated by World War 1 and 2).
 Some of the facts i learned were... 
  1. Eddie was born in Columbus Ohio on October 8 1890.
  2. There were 44 union states at the time.
  3. Benjamin Harrison was president.
I also learnt a lot more so if I were rating it 1-10 i would give it a 100000000 and for ages 8-12 and still i’m reading more and more of the series so I will  tell you about it.

Alexander Hamilton
Young Statesman 
Hello this Monkey #1 again here to tell you that this book is AWESOME.  It is the same style as the Eddie Rickenbacker book.  I was disappointment though because the book only talks about his early childhood and I really wanted to hear more about him as an adult.  But I guess that is the point of these books, they leave you wanting more. Still the book was great,  I like how it teaches that it doesn't matter how old you are that everyone should be respected.  
Some facts i learnt are...
  1. In the year 1765 the stamp act was in action
  2. Alex was born in 1755 on the island of Nevis
  3. Alex joined the America colonists army
and lots more so if i were rating this 1-10 it would be a 100000000000 and for ages 7-12    
I'm still reading more of the series so i can tell you about it  but for now buy the books they are great!
Have you read these book before? 
What is your favorite non-fiction for young adults? 


jeanette from everton terrace said...

This comes at a good time for me. My cousin is homeschooling her boys and the older one just loves history. I think I'm going to get him a couple of these and send them to him.
Thanks for the suggestion. With that high of a rating - how could I not?

Nuit Hernandez said...

aww what an adorable post!!! My son is 6 and I am working hard on getting him to read more fluently and to develop his love for books. Thanks for sharing this!

Mama Gone Green said...

Love the guest post. Honestly, I don't think I have read any young adult non-fiction, but i LOVE young adult fiction!

vic miera said...

it's nice to see young men interested in reading at your age. i do wish i had the same passion when i was your age. keep up the good work, you might not see the benefit now, but down the road in college and in your professional life, you'll be glad you stuck with this great hobby.

Clair said...

Great review.
Makes me want to have a look
at your recommended books.

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