Contemporary Art

“I was very much part of my times, of my culture, as much a part of it as rockets and television.” – Andy Warhol

Undoubtedly Andy Warhol was a pioneer in the Pop Art (Popular Art) culture. Along with Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, David Hockney and others, it is my understanding that this movement was based on the principle of making art accessible to everyone. They used present day images of popular culture to reflect such things as consumer society (Campbell’s soup art), Hollywood stars (Marilyn) and money.
I am reluctant to comment on Andy Warhol’s art as contemporary. After all, what do rockets and television have to do with us now?

So what do I consider worthy of classification as contemporary art?

The artist needs to be breathing- the minute they stop they also stop being able to represent the present moment. Now I realize that museums and galleries are not able to obliterate colletions based on a breathing technicality, but I can.
To quote Chekhov:
"There is nothing new in art except talent"

Let me take a step further and suggest that talent and modern art media are elements of contemporary art.

Many people see art as something that is on canvas. Many artist today are making art that simply was not possible before. Jennifer Steinkamp uses a computer program called Maya to produce her art. What makes Steinkamps' art ‘real’ to me is that I am in a meadow and can feel the wind swaying me when I see/ watch the image of her flowers.
‘Graffiti art’ is raw contemporary art. Indicative not only of urban culture but often used as a political platform and as a commentary for present day issues.

Art like that of Takashi Murakami’s which is primarily ‘Japanimation’ art is a paradigm of how much Asian culture has influenced modern American culture. The global village as represented in art is very much a part of present culture. I’ve always thought it is so funny how we see modern fashion and contemporary home décor with Asian characters and how many of us really know what is written on our tee-shirt?
David Hockney, well known for his use of photomontage not only uses modern techniques but his art also reflects on homosexuality which although not a ‘new’ issue is certainly one of much heated debate for modern times. As a naturalist artist who is still working/living I would venture that it would be impossible to not consider him a contemporary artist. (http://www.davidhockney.com-/ his bio is cleverly written)

The MOCA's collection includes artist from 1940 to the present.

The MCA Chicago's collection is from 1945 to the present.

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