Biking In The Czech Republic

I have not been 'biking' for about ten years, not counting taking a beach cruiser down to- the beach. 
When Dr. J and I were in Brno, Czech Republic, we went biking with our host family as a day trip.  
I was particularly nervous as I probably had the least experience out of anyone in our group of eight adults (Dr. J is one of those maddening people who is good at EVERYTHING).  

We drove up to the mountains to a town called Zdar nad Sazavou
Which is surrounded by National Forests

The views were stunning and riding down paths in ancient forests was magical.  

We were right on the border between Moravia and Bohemia. 

We stopped for lunch in a village called: Radostin
And ate at this 'Restaurant'
The food was AMAZING!
Broccoli, potatoes done only the way the Czech can- and preserved cabbage salad

Goulash! Served with potato pancakes.

Called 'Dumplings' this was a loaf like dumpling served with a dill gravy
Garlic soup is a popular dish which we enjoyed several times on our trip-
I would love a homemade recipe so if you know one please share!
Peaches and cream
Ice cream! 

The forest was amazing- 
I felt as if I was inhaling the purest air possible
The weather was perfect

 I am so grateful for this experience.


Krystal said...

i think you had the best food experience in the world on this trip! everything just always looks so good, haha!
i think biking sounds so fun, mark makes me go mtn biking with him every now and then!

drollgirl said...

fun fun fun! the food looks so great! and i bet the bike ride was so fab!

Stacey said...

This pos was filled with everything-picturesque scenes and oh such delicious treats!

Elisa said...

Fun! and the food looks so delicious.

Bossy Betty said...

What a fantastic trip! Looks like good times and good food too!

la petite coquine said...

I probably would have been nervous too (John once watched me bicycle into a brick wall...) but what an amazing adventure!

tulpen said...

the scenery is lovely.

the food? a little scary. if i visited there i think i'd be living on the peaches and ice cream. which wouldn't suck.

Nuit said...

ok first of all, all that food looks insanely delicious!!!! and the place... well the place is just perfect. That borderline by Bohemia seems just magical. xo

sherri said...

wow. how cool - good for you!

Getrealmommy said...

It looks amazing. I miss travel. I wonder if I ever will have the chance to again..

Pet said...

Did you really go biking, or was it just a excuse for the never ending lunch :-)
If you like biking, try Holland. The food is good too, I promise :-)

Jana said...

Happy to hear that you are fans of garlic soup! It's the best when one falls sick with flu or cold, and also great for hangovers :-) I am sending you my home recipe to your gmail inbox.

JCF said...

And now I'm hungry! ._.
The borderline looks pretty nice.

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

What an amazing experience! I think I would suffer through the biking to get to that food...ha ha - it looks AMAZING!


Nikki said...

I can't explain why, but that dill gravy is making my mouth water. What a great experience!

heather said...

Isn't biking so fun!? I'm mostly a runner (ahem, i should say was right now... haven't gotten back into it post prego). But I've always have times in my life where I bike a lot, followed by a break, and then a bike ride where I think, why haven't I been doing this all along? This post took me for a spin.

Mrs. Julius said...

wow, that does look magical! and the food looks amazing!

thanks for dropping by! you have to go to Thailand! yes it is a bit touristy but you can go to other islands that are not so full of tourists such as koh tao (which i didn't get to go to) and other spots too. where in Africa where u thinking of? I went to South Africa and loved it. Will post about that trip after my Thailand so you can compare the two and decide! :)

Don't you just wish you could travel the world? If money wasn't an issue...lol

Following now!


Metropolitan Mum said...

That looks amazing. Austrian food is quite similar to this - lots of dumplings and goulash. Awww, I miss Austria! xx

CoCo Wray said...

That forest is beautiful, and how fun to do it by bike!

shopgirl said...

Wow! This trip looks amazing and so much fun! I love garlic in everything except for my desserts!

Glad you had a great time!

anushka said...

wow! incredible! i love biking through forests in europe. i have many memories of doing this in germany. wow... those food pictures make me drool. that goulash!

Freedom Three said...

maybe i'll just live vicariously through your blog....for now. i will find a way to get to see some places one way or another.

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