Dreidel Cake- Hanukkah

We made this dreidel cake over the weekend- 
It is super easy to make and has the added bonus of getting immediate rewards by tasting the cut off parts right away. 

Here is a post about dreidel's

We baked a vanilla cake in a rectangular cake pan 
Cut the top with two large squares on either side

two triangles off the bottom

and there is our dreidel cake

{would love to see your on Instagram- I'm ladyofthearts}

I sprinkled some icing sugar on top and it was company ready!
Only two more nights of Hanukkah- 
How is your holiday season? 


liza said...

That's beautiful! I love it. Happy remainder of Hanukkah to you, Ren!

Clair said...

Cool idea, especially the tasting

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