Artist: Bryan Christiansen- Trophy Hunter

The idea of our ancestors being hunter gatherers, re-created in a modern urban context, is what inspired Bryan Christiansen to create his found object trophies.
As a fan of found object art, I appreciate the metamorphosis of an item. The more complex the transformation from its original state, the more it inspires the viewer.  
Christiansen takes discarded furniture and household items such as: mattress, couches and La-Z-Boy recliners and reconstructs them into mementos that a hunter might display.  
Essentially he skins a couch and pins the fabric creating an eerily similar effect to that of a skinned animal pelt.  

His deer and doe sculptures are made from mattresses and couches, a wink towards taxidermy.  They remind me of Jared Pankin's works- another artist who creates animal trophy art using synthetic materials.

Christiansen employs a careful and deliberate process when making his sculptural animals and wall- mounted pelts.  After 'hunting' for just the right piece of furniture, Christiansen returns to his studio where he proceeds to skin and gut the object as though it were a fresh kill.  In acknowledgment of Native American traditions [] Christiansen makes sure that nothing goes to waste, saving and bottling everything down to the last bit of sawdust and string. 

I like the idea of a modern day hunter gatherer. Fundamentally that is what a thrifter or vintage shopper is.  The main difference of course being that the average scavenger does not deconstruct their finds but often revers them.  

Are you a sidewalk scavenger? 
Do you have pieces of furniture in your home you've found? 


Mama Gone Green said...

funny stuff! and yes, i am totally a sidewalk scavenger!!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Interesting exhibition - there was one here recently based on objects found in derelict croft houses. xx

Pat Tillett said...

I am a sidewalk scavenger, but we have little room left for "new" things.
I'm always amazed about the things that people come up with and then turn it into art. Great post!

la petite coquine said...

How fantastic!! I have a great uncle who loves his animal trophies, but these are so, so much better (and significantly less creepy)!

Mice Aliling said...

Yes, I am definitely a sidewalk scavenger!!! I use my finds for future art pieces or display. I have an old typewriter in my room which is on display. I want to actually make it work and use it.

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