DIY Holiday Gift Ideas Under Five Dollars #2

The monkeys had a great time using fabric paint to stencil, trace and paint.
We used tea towels, pillow cases and cotton work gloves and added a personal touch to make gifts that we hope our family and friends will not only enjoy, but use.
These are also great gift to mail as they can be sent in an envelope! 

If you are our mama, meme, ciocia, aunt, dziadzia, or zadie- reading on will result in you seeing your gift 

I found unbleached cotton towels at the dollar store- We already had fabric paint but it is easily found at a dollar store, big box store or craft store, the stencils were a dollar store find and we printed paw prints and used an X-acto knife to cut them out. 

As blotters we used wine corks with a bit of sponge from packaging, held on with a rubber band and recycled plastic foam. 

This pillow case is for a animal lover who celebrates Christmas! 
I was able to find cotton pillow cases on clearance for less than a dollar! 

I forgot to take photos- but for the grandfathers we painted cotton work gloves- again found at the dollar store. 
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Nuit said...

sweet project!!!!!!! they are so artistic :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

what an adorable idea!

David Toms said...

You are saving me heaps of money this Christmas!

Brooke @ Let Kids Create said...

I have some of these towels to do something like this, wish I would have bought them at the dollar store. I never thought to look there. Fun ideas! I love saving money :-)

barefoot mama said...

Thanks for the ideas! :) Barefoot Mama

CoCo Wray said...

What a great project, I love this idea!

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