Barcelona, Spain (2012)

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe.  Dr. J and I were there a few years ago and it was a visually stimulating experience as well as a culinary high-light.  Taking the boys to Barcelona gave me a totally difference perspective from the romantic images I shared with my husband.  For starters it was not a culinary delight as the boys preferred eating various croissants, panini’s and baguette sandwiches to the salted fish, marinated olives and various cured meats.  It was also harder to appreciate the architecture when I was constantly looking out for the boys instead of enjoying an extraordinary facade. 
However, seeing a city that I love through new eyes (namely from my monkeys perspective) made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Some fun things we did included visiting the Modern Art Museum. 


Seeing outdoor markets which sold coins and various antiques

 Playing in the amphitheater 
 Climbing Montjuïc
 The monkeys enjoyed Parc Guell.  We studied Gaudi and learned about the history of his work before going to Barcelona.  The tiles and colorful creations throughout the park were able to keep their interest as did the organic shapes they could touch, walk through and in some cases climb.  

 We enjoyed a trip to La Boqueria one of my favorite markets where we bought pixios, fruit drinks and dried fruit.  (Photos from my last trip to La Boqueria).  
We even enjoyed some beach time. 


Mama Gone Green said...

Looks amazing! I was there many years ago, with friends, and would love to go back. Although, as you said, going with children puts a different twist on things. What a fantastic experience for your boys, though!

nunu said...

looks like a wonderful time ren!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Definitely one of my favorite cities–the food, the architecture, the culture can't be beat!

Getrealmommy said...

I was there once in my early twenties. I was backpacking through Europe with my boyfriend on a very tight budget. It rained like mad the whole time we were there and there were GIANT cockroaches in the hostile we stayed at. I think I need to go back to see it in a different light ;)

LeeLee said...

Ah, Barcelona. Looks like a great time was had by all. I love Gaudi's work.

Clare said...

Never been but plan to, hopefully in the near future. Your pictures
had me wishing and planning.

Simoon M said...

I love Barcelona so much, looking at the photos brings it all back, cute kids!

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