Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was born in 1934 in Montreal, Canada. Born into a middle class Jewish family, in the middle class Jewish neighborhood of Westmount, Mr. Cohen identifies strongly with his Jewish roots.

He received his B.A. in 1955 from McGill University and studied with Irving Layton. After finishing his undergrad Mr. Cohen spent one term at McGill’s law school before attending Columbia from 1956-1957 and publishing his first book of poetry: Let Us Compare Mythologies. This first collection of poems explored his Jewish heritage with classical and Christian mythologies juxtaposing religion with sensuality.

In 1961 Mr. Cohen moved to London, England where he wrote his first novel, a semibiographical novel based on the life of a Montreal Jewish boy’s journey to discovery though writing titled: The Favourite Game (1963). In 1966 he published his second novel Beautiful Losers and achieved international acclaim as a song-writer, singer.

Mr. Cohen has eleven studio albums his last one "Dear Heather" came out in 2004.
On March 31st 2009 Mr. Cohen is releasing “Live In London” recorded live on July 17, 2008 at London’s 02 Arena, an indoor venue- during his 2008 World Tour and includes songs from his 40 year repertory.

The album Live In London includes:

Disc 1 -

1. Dance Me To The End Of Love

2. The Future

3. Ain't No Cure For Love

4. Bird On The Wire

5. Everybody Knows

6. In My Secret Life

7. Who By Fire

8. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

9. Anthem

10. Introduction

11. Tower Of Song

12. Suzanne

13. The Gypsy's Wife

Disc 2 -

1. Boogie Street

2. Hallelujah

3. Democracy

4. I'm Your Man

5. Recitation w/ N.L.

6. Take This Waltz

7. So Long, Marianne

8. First We Take Manhattan

9. Sisters Of Mercy

Click here for a review by Jim Allen on Leonard Cohen’s performance Thursday February 19th 2009 in NYC:

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