Slumdog Millionaire

I love it when a low budget film gets national acclaim and nominations. It is fun following the darlings of various film festivals. I am happy to go see a film in local theaters and support fresh talent. Slumdog Millionaire, with a budget of 15 million and having grossed more than 130 million is well worth my general admission.
I love thinking about how exciting it must be for the actors to be so quickly shot into the spotlight. There is much publicized criticism over the unchanged living conditions that the child actors in the film endure. The rebuttal finds that trust funds have in fact been set up for the children in the film (or at least the two lead roles). There was also debate over the role and title of the films co-director, after the nomination announcement (see link below). I would imagine the success of this film has been a great blessing to all those involved in it. I look forward to following future projects by the actors and directors alike.
This professor’s blog reads like a awesome class with a favorite teacher.
I highly recommend reading it all.

This ABC News site has a great article that summarizes the media spotlights on the film.

Freida Pinto with Dev Patel at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival

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