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There is a recession, we are in tough times, the economy is taking a dip, never since the depression..., I get it.
Many years before this particular economic meltdown (my favorite one out of all of them) there was an idea to make inspiration out emptiness. Based on the ideas of Brian Eder and Cherri Lakey who worked together as graphic designers at Two Fish Design, Phantom Galleries was born. The idea is to take empty store front space and showcase art. This is first and foremost an economic development program. The goal is to reward property owners by highlighting their property, making it visible both literally and figuratively. Buildings feature store fronts as 24/7 exhibits or public access gallery spaces with operation hours. In both scenarios the real estate owner lends their space and covers electric while artist agree to insure their work and pay for all prep and instillation costs. This program has been implemented in many cities including Detroit, Baltimore, San Jose, Boston and Philadelphia.
Run by Liza Simone, Phantom Galleries LA is a for profit organization that creates opportunities for artists while maintaining the benefits of the property owner as a top priority. Often gallery spaces, which are sometimes given 3-14 day evacuation contracts, are left in better condition than before donating the space. Each space is unique and decisions regarding everything from owner stipulations to artist boundaries are taken into account when matching an artist to a space.

Cities like Detroit are based on a foundation of near flawless aesthetic. The architecture is that of master craftsmen and the whispers of its former glory visible in every stone. The present reality is that is resembles a third world war torn city. In downtown L.A. soon after the dotcom crash many store went out of business, creating a haven for squatters, vandals and a further perpetuation of despair. Programs like Phantom Galleries serve as an alternative to the hopelessness.
Any and ever city suffering from the emptiness of it’s businesses can commiserate that to “fill up the empty storefronts with funky paintings, murals, installations, displays or whatever local visual artists can come up with" better serves the community and gives tourists and residence "something to look at besides decrepit, crumbling store fronts or a botched movie theater complex.” (www.phantomgalleriesla.com)

Statement off the Phantom Galleries website:

Benefits of participation
-An inspirational marketing tool for properties to find permanent tenants.
-Helps to create a buzz about the area that the public and media will embrace and support.
-Keeps areas looking vital, vibrant and culturally exciting.
-Invites more pedestrian traffic for the neighboring business.
-Helps to enliven a blighted area and helps to reduce graffiti.
-Inspires other local retailers to spruce up their own windows.
-Generates economic development through direct sales and commission work for the artists.
-Engages community involvement within the districts.

I personally think this is a fantastic business that serves both the property owner and the artist. Really what city would not benefit from a program like this at a time like this?

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