Chinese New Year

God of Wealth and Fortune
The botanical garden at the Bellagio is always awe inspiring. Presently they have a Chinese New Year display for the year of the Ox showing. Upon entering the atrium visitors are greeted by a huge figure of the God of Wealth and Luck. At his feet gold I-Ching coins surround him as a symbol of luck and prosperity for the New Year.

Taking many elements of Feng Shui to attract harmony, balance and positive life energy this exhibit, one of five yearly themes, is made almost entirely of living plants. Three panda bears made out of living plants surround the bamboo garden as does the 15 foot long ox made out of over 10,000 Alternanthera.

Other elements of Feng Shui design are the instillation of a zig zag bridge and hundreds of hanging red lanterns.

This exhibit goes until Feb 28th 2009

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