Diorama- Art Education

A diorama is a three dimensional replica of something like a historical event, nature, city or made up world.  These can be used to showcase for the purpose of entertainment or education.  
In the 19th century they were often used as a showcasing tool for theatre:

This one is of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

I took all the above images at the National Gallery in Prague- but unfortunately didn't get all the information regarding them.

Here are some shots of my youngest making a replica of a Torah story (his idea).
We always use recycled material and things we find around our house. 
Usually the project is done over the course of a few days and is continually added to and played with-
We made a large scale city last summer which the monkeys played with forever.
This summer we are planning on making a forest diorama with found objects (chosen carefully to preserve nature) from a trip we have planned.
We are also going to make dioramas of a scene from a favorite book we are reading this summer. 

Questions to consider while creating:
Make a plan, tell a story, what is your intention to showcase? Draw a plan or outline. 
What materials (medium) are we using to create?
What types of art genres use found objects or recycled objects? (most commonly Assemblage but also Found Art, Junk Art and a fairly new term is Up-cycled Art) 
Could this be considered a sculpture? (yes- it is three dimensional art)

Do you enjoy making dioramas? 


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Oh what fun. I remember making them with my daughter was little. Of course they looked NOTHING like these. Hope you'll share yours.

la petite coquine said...

Those dioramas are absolutely amazing! I remember how I loved making them, and the miniatures of stage sets still thrill me in the same way!

And So I Whisper said...

My daughter had to make one last week for a school project. It was about a book she was reading, "Toad Food and Measle Soup" She had real fun making it.

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

I definitely remember making them in school, but not for a long time! What a fun activity to do with your kids. Nice to have such great inspiration as those photos!


Mama Gone Green said...

A few years back I made my friend a diorama after her dog passed away, and it was actually pretty fun!

anushka said...

they were my favorite school projects growing up and i always enjoyed seeing my first grade students' mammal habitat dioramas at the end of the year. i wonder if ezra would be ready for this. i think so... hmmm. what to make?

shopgirl said...

I've only seen dioramas in theatre productions. Some of these are really cool. They look like art installations. I can't wait to see your family diorama!

Ayana said...

What a great idea! My kids and I are totally doing this (when they get older)!

Karena said...

Ren, I don't do these wonderful works of art however my sister Cynthia does and they are wonderful!


Art by Karena

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! Mine never turned out looking anything like these! Some of them are amazing!

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