Too Occupied To Care About Occupy

My time is too occupied to take the time to chit chat about the Occupy movement.  I did get into a discussion on FB and then I quickly backed down- I just don't really care that much.
Here is the thing- the only Occupy Protest I've seen, live, is the one in San Francisco.
I took my monkeys to hang out as it was across the street from where we were meeting Dr. J after his medical conference.  We were there in the heart of 'tent city' for about an hour.  It was my observation that the media practically outnumbered the Occupiers and that there were way more tents than people to occupy them.  My sympathies are with the countless small business that are having to lay off workers due to Occupy Protest camps taking over where there used to be paying customers.  

I like the juxtaposition of the corporate logos on the monkeys clothes against the tent background 

I saw these photos today for Occupy Legoland- 
'We want to be referred to as a Nation not a a Land!'

Now that is funny!

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