Artist: Jesus Bravo

Jesus Bravo's exhibit: Abstract Works is a collaboration of mixed media collage with  found objects art.   
His large canvases are thought provoking and require a degree of dissection to isolate contemporary and past corporate logos, capitalist imagery and American propaganda.  

Collage is a major component of Mr. Bravo's work, a medium I find particularly interesting as there is always the chance of seeing familiar design in a refreshing context.

Many of his works have a dark ominous, look and feel to them, yet when taken in detail are nonthreatening 'found items'- such as candy wrappers and bingo cards.  
I enjoy his use of painted lace as a metaphoric veiling of symbols, representative of money, corporations and perhaps greed.

From the Artist Statement: 
"This body of work is not representational and does not  adhere to a formal constructive methodology...I feel the viewer can be rewarded by ultimately drawing a personal critique...of exploration, self awareness and discovery."

Do you enjoy collage art?


Megan said...

Cool images, and yes I do like collage art. Thanks for sharing these! :)

Bonnie said...

I love me some good art, mainly because I suck at it myself. These are gorgeous!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

vintch said...

ooh i love it! very americana. it reminds me of many of the art i saw in new mexico a few years ago--full of earthy, beautiful tones. thank you for sharing!

la petite coquine said...

What fascinating work!

dotblogg said...

I love collage :)) I have to try one day..:) My favourites are those subdued "Majesty" "Club" and the one with 7,3,5 numbers:)
ps the flag looks impressive!

Nuit said...

wow, I really really like this work!!!

Pat Tillett said...

It follows no convention and that is what I like about it! Very involved and complicated looking.

Clair said...

Hummmm-somewhat interesting.

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