Chelsea Handler- Laughing In Her Live Studio Audience

I went to a taping of the Chelsea Lately show. Chelsea Handler is one of my favorite female comedian (Sarah Silverman is the other one and Jay Leno is the male favorite)- She is a half Jewish, half Mormon blond bombshell originally from New Jersey. As the youngest of five children she developed a sassy attitude and raunchy humor which she candidly displays

Chelsea is also a best selling author and has written three books all of which were on the NYT and USA Today best seller lists for weeks. Unlike many famous people she pens her own books- she is not a fantastic writer but she is a funny writer and I would recommend all three of her books- although I’ve only read two. (You can get them at the library and finish them quickly, most likely without pulling out the dictionary.)
My Horizontal Life A Collection Of One-Night Stands, depicts her early days in L.A. where she came to be and discovered and slept her way into slutdom. In her latest book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, she talks about discovering masturbation, how crazy her father is and ceaselessly makes fun of her boyfriend who she recently broke up with (I really don’t wonder why it didn’t work out.)
Jay Leno is quoted as saying:
"Chelsea Handler is a terrific comedian and a hilarious writer."

Anyway this was my first experience being in a studio audience- I did try for a few years to get tickets for the Oprah show but when I finally came to terms that I would never get tickets to Oprah’s Favorite Things I gave it up- Chelsea Lately tickets are free and the demand is not so high that last minute walk ins could not get in.
She was funny although barely paid any attention to her audience. I always imagined that she would shoot the shit with the audience during breaks but no- she just reads her notes as her hair/make-up person tends to her. There was a lot of prep for the audience and they told us to laugh and clap ‘loud and hard’. The studio was freezing cold, which I expected but was none the less shocked at how cold it was- I wore a really cute dress because the tickets suggested we wear ‘trendy attire’- I wish I had worn cute pants and a cute wool sweater.  Often times I could not even hear what was being said but was forced to laugh and clap anyway.
If you watch the show you will know her sidekick Chuey- a Mexican midget who in a former life was an ‘adult film’ star. I have never seen any of his early work but as Chelsea’s sidekick he hilarious. He also recently wrote a book which I know little about called Little Nuggets of Wisdom- actually I saw it at the book store and read two pages- looked totally stupid.
Her opening act was Steven Brody an audience 'fluffer' who selflessly promoted himself. He made up lyrics to the songs that were blasting, beat a cow bell at us and quoted his one line from his role as the cop in Hangover: “see kids, this is where we bring suspects in order to be detained. Trust me, you do not want to be sitting in these seats. We call this place "Loserville".
Because the books I read of hers were from the library I was not one of the audience members who got autographs. I was not sorry. Really being in her studio audience was an experience I would never repeat. It was a thankless job and the lack of appreciation made me happy I did not spend any money on ticket or books.
Her show Chelsea Lately airs on weekdays at 11:pm on the E network


Erin said...

First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and I am about to follow you!

Second, it's SO IRONIC you posted this b/c I literally JUST got Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and she is coming here for a book signing Friday night. I have a ticket and am going! I am so nervous and so excited--and hoping I might get to take a pic w/ her?!?!?!?!

Dani G said...

Wait. You like Jay Leno? Really?

Lady Ren said...

Erin- welcome and that is so funny. I hope you get your picture-Maybe she is nicer at her book signings then she was at the show tapings.
Dani- Jay Leno is the funniest stand up guy I have ever seen, live.

Bossy Betty said...

Forced to laugh and clap?? No one should be forced to do those things? I probably would have wished I could have been home instead of there!

dotblogg said...

Hey! I also like Sarah Silverman:D I'm sorry that you have such thoughts after visiting the studio, it must have been dissapointing..:/ but what can we-little people do?- these are STARS and everything is made for them- even "spontaneous" laughter and applause.
Sometimes meeting normal "little" people is more precious for me than meeting a celebrity/star ;)
take care there!

likeschocolate said...

What a fun opportunity! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

ugh. that sounds awful. sorry you had such a no-fun experience.

xo Alison

Clair said...

So unfortunate that an experience you were looking forward to turned out to be so disappointing. MOST STARS are aware and appreciative of the fact that they are where they are because of their FANS.

Grace said...

Oh, I hate that it was disappointing because she is HILARIOUS!

one sydney road said...

What a bummer that is...I love her show! How disappointing that the live show is like this...I would have thought the same - that she'd be chatting up the audience during breaks. Well at least she's funny when they air it, right :)

Brissa said...

i can see her being slightly snooty toward the audience. but i would have also thought she'd be interacting and have fun.

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