Loot From The Other Side Of The Pond

I participated in my first blog swap via The Claw’s Spring Swappity Swap -
I was very excited to be partnered with Sol from Uauagè.
Not only do I love her blog but I love all things European.
Here is Sol’s About Me info:
1980 born Anglo-Lebanese-Mexican, expat in Italy since 1998, married to APM (a perfect man) since September 2005, translator, cook, economist, artist (self proclaimed), full time mother (!!) of the sweetest little baby most amazing toddler a boy full of life since January 2007 and the cutest little chunky giant baby toddler since May 2009, living on the Alps, design-junkie, borderline, straightforward outspoken anally extrusive daydreaming eternal teenager, bloody reckless, narcissist, hungry for all things beautiful (and delicious), keeping track of life.
I grabbed the mail after I picked the Monkeys up from school so they really helped me tear into it. The Nutella packets (with little eat ‘em up sticks) were devoured almost instantly-

I did manage to get their after-school snack out just in time to have a few of these:

I have never heard of Leone candies- the label reads:

Since 1857 Leone has been a proprietor of the most refined taste: both for the exquisite flavor of the Candy Originals produced using traditional bronze moulds and high quality ingredients, and for the elegant and distinctive design of the packaging.

The best way to describe them is that they have a slight soap taste- I know that sounds unappetizing but the Monkeys and Dr. J all thought the same thing yet none of us could stop eating them.
A French cookbook- my first one, I can’t wait to try it.

Sol thank you so much- I am even saving the wrappers from everything because it is all SO super cool.
To see my swap partner and what I sent check out Amy at Switz-Art
Thank You! Can't wait for the next Swap!


dotblogg said...

I'm glad you had a nice swap! :) I also have the first one on my own blog, I thought we could do two things at once- the swap and the journal thing (which we were writing about when you posted about 1000journals action)
What do you think?will you join?:)
take care

Jeanette said...

What a neat thing to do, and receive. Nutella would be the only thing I need.......love the stuff! I'm so curious how something that tastes like soap could be good.

sherri said...

yay - you totally scored. sorry i can't give you the fifteen minutes you lost on my blog back, but for any future perusal needs, the archive button is back on the blog. awesome haul. sol rocks! off to see amy's haul from you. thanks for joining in on the swap, I am pleased to know I will forever be your first!

Modern Crush said...

Nice to meet you too! You sure did hook Amy up with some sweet things for her stash...

Blessed Homemaker said...

Cool! This sounds so interesting!

Clair said...

What a nice exchange. I am looking forward to your posting of the mouth watering results from your new French cookbook.

valarie said...

What a great swap and such an interesting fun person. I love swaps. They are too much fun. The chocolate covered strawberries look so good or is it nutella covered. anyway, it looks good.

Mary said...

What a lovely haul. That candy sounds really interesting. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Lady Ren said...

Jeanette- I know soap doesn't taste good at all but the soap tasting candy does- We all had a good laugh about it.
Sherri- You poped my SHERRI
Modern Crush- Thanks so much for stopping by!
BH- It was so much fun- You should do one!
Clair- thanks for commenting and I can't wait either.
Valarie- Nutella- so yummy
Mary- thanks you too!

Aunt Juicebox said...

How totally cool is this?? Love it.

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