Rock Bottom-

The story is captivatingly raunchy.  Despite it taking place during one seemly endless day, this story of a rock band in Amsterdam, is jam packed with events and encounters.  As would be expected from a rock band on the road there are several graphic sexual stumbles, even one including peanut butter. The drugs employed are a cornucopia of ups and downs that will spin your head and make you wish you were 18 again.
On the jacket cover the four band members are described as:
The singer has become a born-again Buddhist who preaches from the stage, the bass player's raging eczema has turned his hands into a pulpy mess, the drummer is a sex-fiend tormented by the misdeeds of his porn-king father, and the guitar player--the only talented one--is thoroughly cowed by the constant abuse of his band mates.
 Of the many encounters this cast of tormented souls play-out there are many tender and murderous moments.  This book is a great read.  Both Dr. J and I read it which leaves me to believe that it is well suited for both sexes. 

As far as first novels go, Michael Shillings is on my admirer list.


Valarie said...

Hi Ren,
I just love your movie reviews. You see movies I've never heard of but I've enjoyed so many of them. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

i am off to check this out of my library. thanks, ren!

xo Alison

Lady Ren said...

Valarie- Thank you- I love to share good finds.
Alison- I would love to hear what you think of this book once you read it.

Pat Tillett said...

I'm going to try and find it in "gently used" condition at my local used book store this weekend.

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