Early Bird Gets The Worm

I love reading poetry. I love reading poetry to my monkeys. They have been laughing out loud over this one.


Oh, if you’re a bird, be an early bird

And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.

If you’re a bird, be an early early bird-

But if you’re a worm, sleep late.

Shel Silverstein
Where the Sidewalk Ends

Shel Silverstein is one of our favorite authors. I personally think he was a genius.
We have the whole collection of his books, three of them are autographed- although not to us!
Please read his poems. They are wonderful.


Jeanette said...

You've just reminded me that the girl who gave the speech at our 8th grade graduation used a quote from this book. I don't remember the quote but I do remember her saying it was from this book. This was 30 years ago. The Giving Tree is one of my favorites. I often include it with baby shower gifts.

sherri said...

M. loves reciting "the blurpy slurpy skagakrall", I think it's in that one.

drollgirl said...

oh, i used to love this book! to be honest, it is the only book of poetry that i have read that i have actually understood! :)

The Wife of a Dairyman ~ Nancy said...

You've just reminded me to purchase this book....I think my kids would really like it! Thank you :)

Aunt Juicebox said...

Man, when I was a kid, those books were the most fought over in the whole library!

Anonymous said...

blast from the past! LOVE this, ren :)

xo Alison

Anna said...

i heart shel silverstein! thanks for posting this sweet poem.

3 hungry tummies said...

Haha that is very funny...is that why I like to sleep late? :)

Clair said...

I have read his poems.
I agree, he was a genius.
I now have to go and look for his books.
Thanks for reminding me!

Phoenix said...

My boyfriend and I take turns reading each other to sleep at night...this is one of our favorite books to read! It's got such great poems - some silly and some VERY dark!

Lovely World said...

We just picked up one of his books at our public library book sale. My daughter was so excited to find it!

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