Riddles And Stars

The Perseid meteor shower is the dusty remains of a comet called Swift-Tuttle, discovered in 1862. Every August when Earth passes closest to the orbit of Swift-Tuttle, amateur astronomers can see shooting stars in the night sky.
We drove deep into the desert and sat on the hood of the car in darkeness.
While waiting for the shooting stars from the meteor shower we pondered some riddles.

It has towns but no houses;
It has forests, but no trees;
It has rivers, but no fish.
What is it?

Monkeys said: Ghost Town
Answer: A Map

What is it that a mother loves very dearly
But which can never welcome her when she comes home?

Monkey says: Daughter
Monkey 2 says: Cat
Answer: A baby before it is born

The air alone gives birth to this.
It lives without a body.
It hears without ears.
It speaks without a mouth.
What is it?

Monkey says: Wind
Monkey 2 says: God
Answer: An echo

Do you know any riddles?
Did you see the meteor shower?


The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I love riddles like that. They really make you think! Isn't there a game one can purchase like that?

sherri said...

I know a few, but can never remember them. I didn't see a shower but saw the longest, biggest, most perfect rainbow ever today. good stuff.

gleenn said...

These are very interesting riddles. I remembered guessing a lot of them when i was young. :)

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Alisa said...

I am jealous! I would have loved to be out of the city lights!

We watched the meteor shower from our backyard. We saw some of the largest "shooting stars" we'd ever seen, it was fantastic!!

Krystal said...

how fun that you guys went to do that :) such good memories made :)

Louisa said...

I like your blog :)

Clair said...

What a lovely family outing. Great riddles too! Did you get to see any shooting stars?

The Zhush said...

Love to stump my children with riddles like these! Thanks!

Karumen said...

love these riddles!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Interesting riddle. My sister are on an airplane and caught some of the meteor shower.

Love the new blog look.

dotblogg said...

Oh..how wonderful..:) we didn't see the meteor rain because it was cloudy that nights at the beginning of August..
talking about riddles..I also thought it's Wind;)

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I didn't see the meteor shower, but I've watched this one a few times in my life. Must be beautiful in the desert though! And I love the monkeys' responses to the riddles! I've always been pretty bad at solving riddles, but answers like this make them even more fun!

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Nice riddles ! I have never seen a meteor, but I know the "sirandanes", made in Mauritius...

Your grandfather carpet full of bugs ?


Four legs on four legs. Four legs go away, four legs stay?

A dog on a chair

My Little Space said...

Ren, hope you're enjoying the trip! Sounds like you guys are having so much fun out there.
Best wishes,

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

I'm not a good riddler sadly, but I love how you are able to drive into the desert and gaze at the stars!!


Reina said...

i will warn you right now, this will probably be a very long comment ;D

aww, thanks you very much for saying you like my style of writing on my posts, it means a lot coming from someone who looks like they know a lot about the arts. plus, thanks for following!

wow, i havent heard a riddle in a long time, so these were very entertaining and interesting. looking at them now, they're kind of like a poem arent they? lovely. i like the last one, and the first one is very clever. hmmm, no, i cant think of any riddles for you right now off the top of my head, and nope, i didnt see the meteor shower.

okay, now reading your profile was the part that tipped me off that this post was going to be collossal.


everything that involves the arts is so wonderful. This summer, on my two week trip to China (i have posts on my trip if you wish to see lots of pictures) in Hong Kong, we went to the art museum and they were having their biennial contemporary art awards. the exhibit was AMAZING. contemporary art is seriously my favorite, it can be so innovative and it really gets you thinking.

while reading your part about other countries in your profile, i was getting excited just reading about all the places you've been and all the languages you speak. so dont go on and on about where i desire to travel and the cultures i wish to see, i'll just say, that if i could get a first class ticket anywhere in the world, i'd take a non-stop flight to New Zealand right now. Europe would be next. And im so jealous of all the languages you speak! i SO wish i grew up bilingual -- i'd want english and french-- but im working so hard on my french right now ;D

Lastly, about books, they're practically my life and i probably live vicariously through them. Right now im reading The Swan Theives by Elizabeth Kostova, am anxious to get my hands on Mockingjay, am dying to read the Tommorow series by John Marsden (the first book is called Tommorow When The War Began), am hoping to read The Birth of Venus sometime, and am wondering if you've read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni? Have any thoughts about any of these books?

whoa. that was a darn long comment. thank you SO MUCH for reading it through, and you dont have to post it if you dont want to because its so long.
love the arts! do you play an instrument?

AmyK said...

We sat out in our backyard and watched the meteor shower for a while. It was really nice. My mom and I used to bring blankets out in the front yard and lay there and watch for shooting stars.

Abby said...

Interesting riddles! I didn't get to see the shower because of where I live, but I wish I had gotten to.

Mary said...

Love this post! So fun!!!

Mary xo

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

amazing experience I'm sure....
I'll be happy to see a tiny shooting star for now!

Gabbi said...

Your adventures in the desert sound like such fun! I've only been at the desert at night during the Coachella music festivals, but I remember how lovely the winds felt and how gorgeous the skies were... your riddles remind of the famous Lewis Carroll 'why is a raven like a writing desk?'... :)

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Ren,

Thank you for visiting my small weather diary.

The shooting stars passed by my dreams, though in one moment I woke up and thought it had to be morning. But obviously it was not. Maybe it was one of the stars.

It looks very pretty here, I will come back.

Heather Taylor said...

Those riddles were very clever. Thanks for sharing!

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