The Art of Being

Art. Observation. Meditation. Joy. Discovery. Insight. Expression. Learning. Growth.

A lot of things come to mind when I think about art. For some people, art is associated with going to a museum, learning about artists, exploring an artist’s thoughts and ideas, and getting to ‘know’ him or her.

For others, art may mean being creative and making something, because they find it fun and relaxing.

Art can also be found in literature by indulging in poems and inspiring writings, stories of the past and visions of the future.

Some find art in nature. As a traveler and outdoor person, I carry amazing memories in my heart as inner pictures, taken in a precious moment by my embodied camera: moments of beauty and joy spent in nature. I embrace the amazing colors, forms, shapes and diversity of landscapes and animals. The art of nature gives me peace and energy. I feel ‘home’ being in nature.

For me, art also has a connection to inner balance. Living a balanced life means mastering the art of life. Finding inner peace. Taking good care of myself. Letting go of what needs to go and embracing what wants to happen. There is even art in chaos, with all the confusion and growing pains opening the door to new, healthier structures and personal growth.

Art is directly connected with the soul. By feeding my soul with beauty and inspiration, I feel positive and uplifted. Art makes me pause and allows me to look closely, explore, trying to understand, and eager to learn.

Art in any form, individually defined by our own perceptions and integrated into our daily lives, increases our joy and inner balance. 
Why, then, are many of us so quick to view art as an indulgence rather than a necessity? 
In a fast paced and very technical world, where we seem to lose the deep connection to ourselves, to others, and to the Universe/ Spirit or God, many of us struggle to live a balanced life. How often are we rushing to get things done and don’t take the time to pause, breathe and enjoy?
How often are we exhausted at the end of the day, and ask ourselves where the joy and energy has gone? We miss being inspired and motivated.

I invite you to look for the art in your everyday life--not in the conventional meaning found in the museums or represented in crafts, but the art in the clouded sky, the wilted flower, the unmade bed of your child, or the drawing your little one gives you. 
Seek out art in the areas of your life that you find challenging. Where or what is the art in your ‘chaos’? What is the gift of the challenge? What is the opportunity? Think outside the box and explore ways to integrate creativity in your daily life. Maybe it is writing a thought every day that empowers and inspires you. Maybe it is the meditation or prayer at the end of the day. Maybe it is a flower arrangement you buy for yourself every week. Maybe it is simply the art of stillness and pausing and listening to your favorite song, or the art of connecting with yourself at the end of the day.

Find your personal art—a way of living that increases joy and beauty in your daily life and recharges your batteries.

For me, it is the daily walk with my dogs – out in nature, I notice the branches covered with snow, the sunlight beaming through the woods, the strong roots of the trees, the rain and its smell, and my playing and always happy dogs--moments I often want to capture.
It is also watching my boys cast out their fishing poles or cuddle with the dogs – falling asleep with them in a moment of total trust and peace.
It is watching a movie that inspires me – such as AVATAR, with its artsy scenes filled with colors and inspiration, carrying a powerful message and vision.
The power of art can be found in unexpected places. Look for it. It is around you. It is within you. It waits to be discovered and nurtured so that it can help you find inner balance.

What does art mean to you? 
Where do you find art in your daily life? 
How does art make you feel? 

Please share your thoughts.
Your Joyful Growth Coach Sandra Seibert
I am honored to be a guest writer on Ren’s Art Blog.

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Pearl said...

To me, art is a connection to the divine, to creation. I find that without access to that part of myself I become sluggish and morose...


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way! Yesterday it was the soft winter light painting such lovely images all around me.

Nuit said...

what a beautiful post Ren! and so true. I try and appreciate art in everyday life also, Nature, music, laughter, the company of my loved ones, dancing in the shower :)

shopgirl said...

i agree with Pearl, art is a connection to the divine. i couldn't live without art and nature. I was walking along the sea yesterday and I stopped to look at the water and sky and there was a joy in my heart. I felt so grateful for having the opportunity to see such great beauty.


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