My Dog Spike

I have a dog. My dogs name is Spike. We got Spike as part of a divorce settlement, when a friend moved to a place that didn’t allow pets. So we took Spike in.
He has issues. Namely he pees all over and he barks ALL the time. I thought we could change him, I thought if we took him for daily walks, gave him constant attention etc. that he would change. He peed inside twice this weekend. This morning I let him out and he decided to pee on my patio causing further urine stains. This really infuriated me because I have been reprimanding him and redirecting him for months. Most mornings he is fine, I say “Go pee-pee” and he trots off to another part of our very large yard. I am sure he understands what I want. Add to this that we have had guests with us for the last two weekends (both with babies I should add) and Spike chose to bark in the middle of the night and during nap times etc. he also barked (who knows why!) at four this morning and I've been up since.
I am having a hard time loving my dog. I tell my husband that I would like to buy a new rug and not have to worry. When I am at home writing, his bark and its pitch pains me. His previous owner had a shock collar for his barking which I felt was cruel. Now I am thinking this is not a bad idea.
I am thinking this dog is here to teach me something. I am still resisting learning.

Can you believe I am having a hard time loving this?


Fine Little Day said...

Oh so cute :)!

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing as I type up this comment. There is no doubt who the boss is in this relationship.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the little fucker. As simple as that.

Lady Ren said...

Dear Fine Little Day,
Looks can be deceiving.
Dear Anonymous one,
I am glad this made you laugh.
Dear Anonymous two,
You sound exactly like my father except he would not have used all the same words.

Geof said...

He is a cute pup, but I understand how that can cause a strain. We adpoted a dog three years back who tested my patience with her constant barking. Ths shock and spray collars didn't work but positive reinforcement did. I know that sounds lame but it was my last stand and it actually worked.

She still barks when she gets excited but the reinforcement stopped her from barking during the inappropriate of times.

Oh hi I'm a new follower btw. Should've introduced my self earlier. lol

Please don't think I'm lecturing at all. This post just reminded me of my previous predicament.

Lady Ren said...

Geof, I don't think you are lecturing I'm ready to try it.

Dean Grey said...

Lady Ren!

My heart goes out to you. I know this is a difficult situation.

Perhaps you need to call a professional in?

Spike is a cutie!!!

Good luck!


Lovely World said...

This is why we have two cats. No dogs. I give you lots of credit for caring for this guy!

Kiandra said...

see...i've been begging my hubby to let me get a cute little dog...or a big cuddly one for the past month! but this has me thinking well...maybe now is not the time...cause geez...i don't like out of control barking..

but i will say that is one absolutely adorable dog...i mean...wow...i'd say it is worth trying to call in the professionals...try out for the "dog whisperer" or check out the show...i know that sounds cheesy...but like you said...he's obviously here to teach you something...once you figure it out you'll be grateful that you hung in there. good luck...

sMacThoughts said...

I too say "The Dog Whisperer"....watch a few shows and you will be amazed. Dogs follow our lead and energy and react to that. You can train a dog to do anything and behave any way. This guy amazes me. And I do not have any pets!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

They sure can be trying. This guy sounds a bit more trying than most. Good luck.

Pat Tillett said...

I would say yes, the dog is there to teach you something. And the teaching is done..LOL
Don't give up, you can win this battle!!

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I like what I'm see here, so I think I'm going to tag along, if you dont' mind.

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