Astroturf Art and Wheelbarrow Love

I am particularly fond of certain words/names. I love the sound of ‘Astroturf’, ‘Zamboni’ and ‘Chilean’, as in "I’ll have the Chilean wine".
Growing up, both Babcia’s had Astroturf covering their cement stairs and patios, in their tomato filled gardens. Come to think of it every old Polish neighbor I had growing up, had Astroturf somewhere in their yard. I have never personally used Astroturf but if I had a category for ‘things I wanted my whole life but didn’t realize’ this couch would make my short list. I would also put my monkeys on this list, at the top.

I saw this photo and a ‘how to’ article on Redymade.com, the website for a very cool magazine. I am a huge fan of using salvaged/recycled materials and enjoy checking out ideas on this site.

I love the fire pit wheelbarrow and have seen it done before, but on a farm.  Not sure if this meets fire regulation standard in an urban setting.
Also reminds me of one of my favorite poems by William Carlos Williams:

The Red Wheelbarrow
so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

Learn more about Chilean wines:
Learn about Frank Zamboni:
and to further satiate your desire for knowledge, everything you ever wanted to know about Astroturf:

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