La Boqueria- Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona still’s my heart. I often fantasize about Dr. J. getting a locum and us moving to Spain. The clothes my monkeys would wear would be crazy cute. Dr. J is quick to remind me he doesn’t speak Spanish. As compensation we went to Spain this past year on an ‘art trip’ without the monkeys.

While in Barcelona we stayed in the Barri Gotic/ Gothic Quarter and went to La Boqueria every morning to get fruit juice and coffee.

La Boqueria is a large outdoor market that has been around since the 1200’s. It is not the cheapest place to shop and probably considered touristy by the locals. Touristy or not they sell large coffee in glass cups. This is no small feat to find in Spain.

We purchased wonderful cheese, honey and chorizo at La Boqueria, which took me days to settle on. On our return, customs officials confiscated it all. I am still sad but grateful I was not searched for potential contraband on my person.

The seafood was unbelievable; I had never seen some of these underwater creatures. Certainly it is more varied than the local Wholefoods Market.
This is the official La Boqueria website:

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Ninjagaiden78 said...

This brings back so many memories.
When I went it was gloomy, but I liked the market. Of all the cities I have traveled, Barcelona is my fave.


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