Michael Johansson

I  love Michael Johansson’s work-on so many levels.
First of all I am a huge fan of kinetic art. What is not to love about art in motion?
In 2005 Mr. Johansson showed Hair Formula 1, which featured a race track constructed with hair dryers  blowing ping pong balls around the track.

Mr. Johansson’s series of everyday 20th century objects/toys which are featured in model kit form is a clever take on consumerism and plastic. He describes this examination of the deconstruction of common materialism as: “the function is displayed, [yet] the functionality is taken away”.

Many of his recent exhibitions use items which are recycled into conceptual art.  In his Rubiks series Mr. Johansson takes everyday kitchen objects from the 1950’s and 60’s made predominantly of plastic and compresses them into cubes.

In his latest exhibition Strolls Through Time And Space, Mr.Johansson again takes common place items from the past few decades and combines them to create 'time capsule' sculptures.

Upcoming Shows:

Market at-large/ Stockholm Feb 19-21 2010
Galleri 21 Malmo April 3-25 2010


kindra said...

Hello Lady Ren,
thanks for the compliment on my blog +++ this artwork!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

These " time capsules " are amazing ! They reminded us of what we did , what we used during those days and are very memorable to me.

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