The Secret to Immortality

I recently became obsessed with a dead girl's blog. I heard about her a couple of years ago in a Vanity Fair article The Golden Suicides by Nancy Jo Sales. It is a romantic story, a Romeo and Juliet story, with a little bit of Hollywood and dash of Scientology (unless of course you think the 'bit' and the 'dash' go 'hand in hand' in which case we’ll call it a dollop). Both artists, she downs some bourbon with pills and he walks into the ocean a week later. Romantic, right? The fact that I just spent a fair bit of time over the last few days reading every entry on her blog is romantic too. Now that I know her intimately and chose to do so knowing that she will never write another entry I will perpetuate her artistic spirit. Is this similar to reading any great book by a deceased author or even more intimate? Is bloging the modern day equivalent of immortality?

Theresa Duncan’s blog is called: The Wit of the Staircase which she describes as coming “From the French phrase 'esprit d'escalier,' literally, it means 'the wit of the staircase', and usually refers to the perfect witty response you think up after the conversation or argument is ended.”

The Wit of the Staircase features a tab which includes Detroit where I lived for three years and remember fondly the stunning dilapidated architecture which Theresa celebrates. She also has sections on vintage perfumes, literary quotes and The Bride, which chronicles the tumultuous relationship of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty.

Theresa is described as being a fascinating person to be around. In all the articles I read about her she is feared and celebrated simultaneously. She threw great parties and was probably the type of friend Sun-Tzu suggests you keep closest. I am sure she was crazy as most interesting people are and she gives off the bitch vibe, or is it confidence? She was gorgeous, just stunning to look at.

This is my favorite photo of the Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, it is by the artist Dario Robleto as part of a project to collect the heartbeats of 50 lovers. It was taken in 2005 two year before they committed suicide.

Here are two articles, but be careful, if you Google this you may be surfing for days.

The Golden Suicides


Why Did Artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake Commit Suicide? - A Chronicle of Their Descent Into Madness --


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