An Education by Lynn Barber

Lynn Barber is a Journalist from London, England who started her career at Penthouse back in the day when the staff amounted to less than ten. She recently wrote a slim nine chapter memoir- An Education, which recounts her childhood, sexual education, university, husband, three chapters on career and finally the chapter she calls ‘Disaster’.

What strikes me about Ms. Barber’s life story is how unapologetically careers driven she is. With only a few cursory mentions of being a mother or having stayed home with her children for six years she focuses her story relaying the different journalistic achievement, interviewees and industry escapades. A bit of a frigid wife she concludes that “I was never a good wife; he should never have married me; he deserved someone nicer.” Ms. Barber is a flawlessly economical writer and does an amazing job of seemingly objectively examining her life.
Here is an interview with the author:
This memoir has also been made into a movie by the same title, directed by Lone Schefig and adapted by Nick Hornby.


Mała Mi said...

Hallo :)
this is unbelievable!! This movie in Poland has title "Była sobie dziewczyna".

You wrot about actress Michelle Williams, do You remember?
If You like her, You must see "Shutter Island"!!! Great movie :):):) I recommend :)

dotblogg said...

Heyy:) I love the way you write about movies, you make me wanna see all of them ! Thank you! hugs!

Clair said...

A bitter woman, who talks about having found freedom in old age. Freedom, she has freely done what she wanted to her whole life.
Now for the final act. Her attention seeking self needs to shock, so lets blame everyone else, especially the parents.
Sounds like an interesting book &
movie. I look forward to reading/seeing both. Clair

Lady Ren said...

MM- Naprawdę chcę zobaczyć Shutter Island słyszałem jest dobre! Ciekawe jest jak zmienić tytuły i słowa w filmach.

Just -dziękuję bardzo miło! Nie widziałem tego filmu tylko czytać książki, jeśli widzisz to powiedz mi!

Clair- it was a good short read but yes I agree she seems like an attention seeking person. I am so happy you read the interview!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with your review. i can't wait to read more lynn barber.

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

Just read the interview.
Ninety year old parents!
They obviously survived HER upbringing. She admits that she did not take well to her role as a wife- am curious about her parenting skills. Will try and get a hold of the movie. Thanks for the review.

Clair said...

Glad you recommended the movie.
Enjoyed it.

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