Fresh Spring Rolls-

My family loves appetizers and I usually make them every night. A regular we’ve been having lately is a rice paper, fresh spring roll.
We add a variety of fillings such as sprouts, spinach, arugula, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, cilantro, mint, tofu, shrimp and chicken. To me they are like eating a mini salad before dinner.
We usually eat them with peanut sauce which Dr. J makes in bulk and we freeze- He will not let me share his recipe but you can google peanut sauce or buy it at Whole Foods.
These are very easy to make, we buy the rice paper at the Asian market-

Start by chopping up the fillings. Sauté tofu in sesame oil and  use cleaned and cooked shrimp.

Each 'paper' circle is soaked for about ten second in a shallow pie dish filled with warm water and it becomes malleable.

You fill the center with your filling

Fold the sides

Fold the end and roll
I didn't get a good photo of the final product but they look something like this:

These keep well for about 24 hours in an air tight refrigerated container, wrapped in wet paper towel.


The Wife of a Dairyman ~ Nancy said...

Those look delicious! I must try this. I wonder if they carry the rice paper in a typical supermarket? I don't know of an asian market near where I live. Thank you!

Pat Tillett said...

Okay, I want one of those right now!

Karumen said...

looks gooood!! luv vietnamese style spring rolls!

sherri said...

we haven't made spring rolls in years, thanks for reminding me how yummy and tasty they look. we have a peanut allergy with one of our kids, I wonder what soy nut butter dipping sauce would be like. hmmmm.

Mała Mi said...

:) i have quesion :) how taste this paper? :)

Lady Ren said...

Nancy- I have seen them in the Asian section of a regular grocery store- very easy to use and they keep for a long time- my mom even cooks/cools and rolls veggies into it- easy also to have the little ones pick what goes into their roll.
Pat- I know how you feel- I crave these.
Karumen- I love them too!
Sherri- I have made a sweet honey/ soy sauce which turned out well-
malami- the papaer tastes like rice- not a strong flavor- very mild.

dotblogg said...

oh it looks very tasty..:)

rachel said...

i really love spring rolls too. usually when we get lazy, we pop on over to Whole Foods (we happen to live in a condo built on top of the store) and pick up some shrimp spring rolls. they are so fresh tasting. but now, i am inspired to make them myself! maybe this weekend? with some pickled carrots and pickled cabbage on the side?

Cashon&Co said...

O.M.Gosh! that looks so yummy! i practically only eat asian food but haven't become daring enough to attempt to make it myself. so yummy looking! i'll have to see if the paper is gluten free for me....

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