Cheese Fondue or Fun Doo

Spring is in full gear over in our neck of the woods so I felt I was long overdue to host a fondue party. I love cheese and there is no better use for cheese than dipping things into it and calling it a meal. Since we have a set (thanks C.) I usually host at least one fondue party a winter. We did it once as a NYE party and it was great. Making chocolate fondue is fun as well.
A throw back to the 1970’s when they gained popularity in North America fondue sets can be found at flea markets and consignment shops abound. When I lived in Switzerland cheese fondue was not something that many locals ate in their homes, however Raclette was a common meal. A Raclette cheese is a half round that is heated and then the top layer is scrapped onto individual plates; the term raclette derives from the French racler, meaning "to scrape".

I borrowed this image from: www.bonjourlafrance.com/.../raclette.html
I usually set out a few baguettes and other yummy breads (we love olive loaf), red skin potatoes (the small ones or you can cut them in half) sliced apples -make an exciting salad, and call it a meal.
(I didn’t take any photos of my exciting salad but trust me it was exciting).

The recipe we used is a slightly variated version by Tyler Florence from The Food Network
At Whole Foods I asked them to shred the cheese for me, alleviating that step of the process. 
We also used port, rubbed a lot of garlic and added a touch of lemon zest.
half a pound of Swiss Cheese
Half a pound of Gruyere
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
Garlic to taste (a few cloves)
Cup of dry white wine
1 table spoon of lemon juice (and we also zested some of the peel)
1 tablespoon of Port
1 pinch of Nutmeg
1 dollop of Grey Poupon
The Directions we followed from Tyler Florence from The Food Network

This is a photo of the broth cooking before the cheese was added.
All four monkeys and all four adults said YUM.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Looking so so lovely! Thanks for the recipes!!

Have a great new week.

The Wife of a Dairyman ~ Nancy said...

Ooooh, now I'm hungry :) Love Cheese!

dotblogg said...

wow it looks yummy!!

Becca said...

Wow that's making me hungry. I love fondue!!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Fondue is such a wonderful communal dish to serve. Every one gathers round and is actively participating. I am enjoying reading your posts...very much!

thenextarrow said...

oh man, YUM is right. i think it's a travesty that i have not had fondue since a very young age. i'm now putting it on my list of things to do this spring :)

enjoy your day!

xo Alison

Lady Ren said...

Saskia- thank you
The Wife of a Dairyman- I am not suprised that you love cheese!
Dotblogg- thank you, so easy to make.
Becca- so yummy isn't it-
Lazaro- you put it so well, that is why I love hosting fondue parties because they are so interactive!

sherri said...

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese! yum! that looks so tasty. we had sushi night tonight, love that my monkeys finally eat it. I'd love to turn them on to fondue. we have a set somewhere, must dig out...

Lovely World said...

Oh boy! This is just as ambitious as that kitchen renovation. I think a dipping pot of chocolate would go over very well here.

I also just watched Unmistaken Child. I have to say that I have a very different sense of reincarnation than I used to after watching that story unfold. Such a quiet, patient journey.

Bossy Betty said...

Oh---warm cheese. Looks great!

Fondue said...

I always choose fondue whenever I want to give a more private or intimate party to friends or families. After all, when you're all sharing the same pot and all huddle up while eating, I think that counts for a quality bonding time.

msihua said...

I've heard so much of raclette.. but I'm not very confident in hosting one myself... I fear the mess!

Does it get very messy?

Mała Mi said...

I like Your title :) it's a great pun :) and this dish must be veeery tasty :)
But can I replace this special vessel?

erin said...

That looks so amazing!! I love cheese fondue.

jacqueline said...

Looks sooo yummie! I love anything fondue! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Lady Ren said...

Sherri-I hope your sushi night was good!
Lovely World- Chocolate Fondue is great and so easy to make- I agree with you about the film.
Bossy Betty- So warm and gooey.
Fondue- I agree!
Msihua-It is funny you should mention- I never did it and when I ate it with native Swiss people it never ceased to amaze me how they made it look so easy- I think if I did it it would be messy!
MalaMi- I have heard that you can make it with a double pot but have never tried it- I am sure you could google it.
erin- thanks
Jac-Thank you- I hope you have a great day too!

ClassyGal said...

Thank you for the recipe! It looks so yummy! By the way, thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog, drop by anytime!

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