Film: Michael Moore Bowling For Columbine

I have seen a bunch of Michael Moore movies. I like shit disturbers and that is what Mr. Moore is. I never agree with everything he says but I like talking about things he says- whether I agree with them or not.
Bowling For Columbine came out in 2002 and if you have not seen it then I would highly recommend it. For those of you who have seen it you will know that in Canada people don’t lock their doors (not true) and not may of us get shot by guns (true). I hate guns. No good can come of them. Statistically, according to Mr. Moore, there are 11,127 deaths caused by guns in the United States every year. Compared to Canada at 165.
I never wanted my children to play with guns. I would not buy them and once when a family member bought them a Costco size assortment of water guns I made them take it back. That was in the earlier years of motherhood where my idealized version of how I was going to raise my monkeys included sheltering them. I soon there after realized that little boys will make guns out of anything, in our case: Lego, sticks, pool noodle and the most obvious- their fingers and hands.
I try not to shelter my monkeys and instead strive to educate them. It is not important how I FEEL about guns, what IS important is keeping an open dialogue which includes “if you are at a friends house and ….”
Here my monkeys made bullets out of my wine cork collection and a really fantastic gun stick.


msihua said...

Yayy to monkeys =)

I just watched La Vie En Rose.. and it was a beautiful show!!

I know, nothing to do with Michael Moore, but I thought I'd share.. lols

Mała Mi said...

I have never heard about this movie. But i have read :) and i agree with You. I hate guns... Children playing with normal toys are Ok! But with toy-guns not so much.

And i see, that You are movie fan :) nice! :)

P.S. In Poland the title is "Zabawy z bronią"...

dotblogg said...

wow! bullets of cork! that's an IDEA!:D boys are as creative as you I see:) We can't avoid children's playing with guns;]I think all of them must go through it,even girls play it sometimes;)

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Saw your profile on another page. Glad I found your wonderful blog. Look forward to following you here.

Mary said...

Sometimes the best laid pans go awry. It is amazing how little guys can create things we'd rather they didn't. If you keep voicing your objections calmly they'll get the message. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Jacqui said...

Interesting looking film - not seen it advertised over here. I like him though - whether I agree or not I just love that brass neck.
When my step grandson brought a gun to the house i told him it was a love gun, and if he pointed it at me I would have to chase him and give him a big kiss! Strangely he has never brought it back - mwahaha

Anonymous said...

i saw bowling for columbine when i was sixteen, and was deeply moved. you've inspired me to watch it again as an adult.

enjoy your week :)

xo Alison

sherri said...

I need to see this one, I've only seen part of it. I have bought my dudes water guns, but otherwise they aren't allowed to have toy guns. But you are so right, they make guns out of EVERYTHING. I love those pics of your guys. the wine corks in the waistband are awesome. That first one is such a great shot, how you captured the cork's motion.

Lady Ren said...

Msihua- I have never seen that show- but yes- Hurray for Monkeys

MalaMi- I love how you always tell me the Polish title of the film! You should watch some Micheal Moore films- I will review his latest movie soon.

Just- We took a bunch of photos of them throwing them in the air "like bullets"- I am so proud of them for their creativity!

Lazaro- So happy you found me- Welcome to this space!

Mary- Thank you!

Jacqui- That is SO funny!

Alison- I love re reading or re watching things- I think you idea is great. Totally different prespective.

Sherri- You should totally see it in full- then watch Sicko and the latest one about Capatalism- then we can have a great conversation about it!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I restrict my kiddos' toys too but their creativity juice never fail to dry up. Their guns are mainly from lego, paper guns and paper bullets *eyes rolling*

BTW, you've got 2 gorgeous looking boys ;-)

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