Fresh and Local

We went to the farmers market this afternoon. After having eaten only a bowl of yogurt mixed with strawberries, blueberries and granola early morning and it being 2:30 I was famished. Between me and Dr. J we ate a bunch of really yummy meat.

We bought some veggies from The Van Dyke Company stand.  Priscilla Van Dyke sells an amazing assortment of herbs, vegetables and fruits. She explained to us that her farm is in a low desert area along the Colorado River, half way between Phoenix and Palm Springs.  Off Interstate 10, Blythe, California according to Ms. Van Dyke is "one hundred miles from anywhere and 150 miles to somewhere".

We bought a basket of yellow cherry tomatoes which I have been poping like candy, sweet juices rushing my mouth.

These grapefruit were grown in Coachella Valley, after peeling back the thick soft skin and pith, sections burst, tasting so sweet it was hard to believe there was no sugar added. We are huge fans of Coachella Valley citrus fruit! 

Priscilla Van Dyke can be reached at pvdbc@aol.com
(760) 922-5542
Ribs by Big Daddy BBQ- Las Vegas, NV.


Bo said...

The only problem I have with going to the farmers market...is everything looks good...so I always buy way more than we can eat.

msihua said...

Oh goodness... those pork ribs look tantalising...!!!

Erika said...

I have not been able to find a farmer's market here yet. I miss them terribly. You should know I am very jealous.

Jacqui said...

I am always so envious of the American farmers markets. Our local one is only on once a month and none of the stall holders are very local and they sell mostly meat and game. x

cpcable said...

Everything looks so delicious! Check out my post today...I have something there for you! :)

Lazaro Cooks! said...

I am a strident supporter of local seasonal products. Visiting farmers markets and small local farms is a wonderful day out for the whole family. While being an amazing opportunity to educate children about where their food comes from.

Anabel Fournier said...

wow! those asparagus look great.

kendra said...

your description here made my mouth water! yum!

dotblogg said...

I wish I had opportunity to buy such fresh vegetable now:D unfortunately in my town we can enjoy (fresh)fruit and vegetable market only in summer:( would be great to cook something delicious! yay!!
take care

Anonymous said...

i barely eat red meat, and that looks delicious! and that asparagus shot? lovely :)

xo Alison

Dean Grey said...

Lady Ren!

Remind me to never check out your blog early in the morning before I had my breakfast!!


Clair said...

Hummmm-What treasures in your part of the country at this time of the year.

Blessed Homemaker said...

We have no farmers market here and I missed those days when I was travelling overseas. I just love those fresh fruits and vegetables!

Lady Ren said...

Bo- I agree, it is hard to be conservative at the farmers market.
mishua- They were amazing, I think I need to get some this week again.
Erika- Keep on looking there is bound to be something!
Jacqui- Ours does not sell meat except the ready to eat kind-
cpcable- Thank you for the award- got to start paying it forward.
Lazaro- I agree!
Anabel- I didn't buy it but I agree
Kendra- they were so good and thanks
TheNextArrow- We don't eat that much red meat either but if you'd have smelt that BBQ you would have done the same!
Dotblog-We are so lucky!
Dean Grey- can't handle my meat shot?
Clair- I feel lucky
Blessed Homemaker- Everything tastes extra 'real'!

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