Educating Rita

Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell originally intended to be preformed by two actors in one setting. The film version is directed by Lewis Gilbert in 1983, starting Michael Caine and Julie Walters.

Susan, who goes by the name of Rita, is a young working class woman from Liverpool seeking to educate herself and is assigned Dr. Frank Bryant, a university professor as her tutor. The film follows their relationship over the course on one year.

Dr. Bryant is an alcoholic past tenure who takes his teaching responsibilities lightly. Impressed and revived by Rita’s zeal for learning Frank begins to look at life differently. Rita finds that with Frank’s confidence and guidance she is introduced to a new lifestyle and new opportunities.

The story focuses on social and class differences. It is a story about self development as well as personal relationships.

A goal of mine for this year is to see as many ‘older’ films as possible. When Dr. J and I first started dating we went on a kick renting classics. If you have any suggestions of films that are oldies but goodies please email me!

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