Las Vegas Top Eleven (Lady Ren’s Affordable Edition)

I get this question a lot. There is always someone, a friend of a friend, your classmate from elementary school, your grandma- that is visiting Las Vegas and they want to know what I think they should ‘not miss’.

This list is the list I would recommend for anyone who is in Las Vegas for three to five days. This list happens to be couple and family friendly. I might one day make a high roller list. Or a restaurant list. Or an Arts and Culture List. For now if anyone asks- they will be directed to this list! If anyone has any suggestions let me know-

1. M & M World. This place is fun, with kids, without kids. It’s right in the center of the Strip by the big Coke Bottle where you can get ½ price same day show tickets. You can get really cool souvenirs or just buy some candy. Great photo opt too.

2. Red Rock- Besides the cost of getting to the Canyon, it is only five dollars to get in. (If you happen to have a US State Park Pass you can use this to get in FREE.) If you are serious about wanting to do this then I would recommend renting a car for the day which will cost you about $30, this includes shuttle from any Strip hotel. Once at Red Rock you will receive a map- It is a 13 mile loop and the map will give you tips on what level (ie: easy, moderate, strenuous) the hike is. I find that they are never as hard or long as they say they are.

3. Neon Museum- at $15 a person this can end up being a high roller visit if you have kids- It is about a ten minute drive from the Strip and 45 minute tours meet at the Reed Whipple Center.
YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SPOT IN ADVANCE and the tours are at set times with no wondering.

4. Shopping on The Strip- Fashion Show Mall is right on the strip and has great high and mid range shopping. Also affordable chain restaurants.

5. Shopping off The Strip (about a five minute drive away from the Stratosphere) Las Vegas Premium Outlets- Look up their website and you might be able to print coupons before you go.  I stongly recommend this stop because right across the street is the NEW Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health designed by Frank Gehry and it is AMAZING.

6. Casinos worth walk around (that’s FREE) Venetian- what’s not to love about an indoor gondola ‘ride’ and periodic indoor thunderstorms, as well as Italian style street performers.

7. Bellagio- Free Botanical Gardens Atrium (great photo opt) Amazing Dale Chihuly glass ceiling in the front lobby.

8. MGM- See the Lion Habitat, also cool aquarium in front of the Rain Forest Café. See FREE magic demonstrations at the Houdini shop downstairs.  Across from there is the bar where you get those huge funny shaped frozen drinks that you see all the tourists running around with.

9. Finally our newest addition the first LEED certified Casino Hotel in Las Vegas- City Center- Huge- Lots of really cool art work to see, architecturally stunning.

10. Because it’s Vegas I think it is worth while to see a magic show. A totally affordable show, especially if you catch a matinee is at the Tropicana’s Xtreme Magic starring Dirk Arthur. It’s got illusions, fire, Bengal tigers, white tigers, leopards, dancing and a real size chopper- It is fast paced and entertaining.

Tropicana Box Office number is 800-829-934

11. Again, because it’s Las Vegas ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFEET- These range in price and getting a mid day meal, mid week is your cheapest bet- That way you can tell ALL your friends you did it.

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Life Abroad said...

This is a great list Lady Ren! I realize that Las Vegas is much more than the strip, but for the length of time that we were there (and the horrendous travel experiences we had getting there) we were just content to stay put for a while. I do wish that I had seen the famous Las Vegas sign though. The Neon Museum was my first option, but I read that it is closed for renovations currently.

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