Carlos De Las Heras

Starting tomorrow (07/01/10) and touring across the Las Vegas Valley until April is a exhibition by Las Vegas local Carlos De Las Heras.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of “The Planet Earth Awards, Beyond Superstition” and was sincerely impressed.

The exhibition examines religions and mythologies from around the world. Uniting the eleven icons is the presence of an award and often an additional identifying symbol or common likeness.

Among the figures represented is Jesus Christ holding a ‘leadership award’ and wearing a suit and tie. Moses, a representation of Judaism, holds a staff along with his ‘earth award’. Mother Goddess is the most teeming portrait and my personal favorite. Depicted as a modern woman in Ganesha deity style, she has six arms. In one of her arms lays an infant cradled as if in a womb. Muhammad is represented faceless as per the Islamic tradition of not embodying his likeness. Dionysus looks as if he hails from Las Vegas resembling a high roller holding a glass of red. The Shaman has feline features and holds an Oscar. When I asked Mr. De Las Heras why an Oscar he told me that the Shaman is the only icon to live among the people. Love it!

This exhibition is thought provoking and well researched. I strongly recommend seeing the show and checking out Mr. De Las Heras' website.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Painting, sculpture, photography and graphics; my work varies depending on the medium I work in. Religion and mythology is an interest which I directly reference in some of my work. I enjoy reading, working and playing in the studio. These moments of solitude allow me to sort through ideas and experiment with materials. Working in many mediums allows me to think in different dimensions. I like having this option and love what I do

1401 E. Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89119

M - Th, 9a.m. - 9 p.m.

F - Sun, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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CarlosDLH said...

Short Statement about the work:

This series seeks to recognize, award and promote the awareness of those ideas that have influenced the way life is viewed around the world. These paintings depict an award ceremony; a celebration of iconic figures that represent mythologies, religions and philosophies. Exploring these icons leads to questions and beliefs; the mixed media and multi-dimensions are used to mirror questions of truth and substance.

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