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Feng Shui can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Feng Shui is really about mindful living and there is no action too small or insignificant. In the most basic form Feng Shui is about creating good and positive energy in you and your surroundings. This is also known as Ch'i or Life Force. To create positive energy one must create balance. This is known as the Yin and the Yang in Ancient Chinese wisdom.

(a decorative tile)

In art and in life, color plays an important role in setting the tone. Yin which means “the shady place” is often  represented by slow, soft, cold, wet and tranquil things and colors. Yang, “the sunny place” is characterized as fast, hard, hot, dry and aggressive. Certain colors are more vibrant and lively thus creating Yang energy. On the flip side colors that are light and calm are represented by the Yin.
To attain and maintain balance in your home you can use the Bagua Chart to figure out which colors to use in each area of your home or room.

This chart is a basic model to use color to enhance certain aspects of your life. Align the main entry to your house or a single room with the bottom of the chart.

Some examples that I like to use are placing amethyst in the ‘purple’ zone, red candles in the ‘red’ zone and a black metal Buddha in the ‘black’ zone. When placing art work or painting rooms in your house Feng Shui can help guide your decisions. Ultimately feeling ‘good’ and ‘right’ in your home is the most important thing so always use Feng Shui as a guide, not as a rule. Remember every little bit helps and as long as you are mindfully conceiving how to better your surrounding, positive energy will surround you.

Check out some of the books at Amazon or your local library to learn more about Feng Shui.

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sherri said...

I'm perusing some of your older posts. I need to know more about Feng Shui. I know very little but find it intriguing. Do you/have you I Chinged? Yes, I just made that a verb.

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