Kukuxumusu 'Fleas Kiss'

While in Spain taking in the many galleries and museums with Dr. J, I was always on the look out for cool souverniers for the monkeys. Our host in Bilbao suggested a Basque shop called Kukuxumusu. Translated as 'Flea’s Kiss' from Basque, the company sells such things as tee-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, notebooks, postcards and pencils. When I found a shop, I agonized forever trying to figure out which tee-shirts had enough little boy humor (read: potty humor) to make my mokeys laugh out loud.

The company was originally started by three friends who wanted to make some extra beer money at the 1989 Pamploma’s San Fermin festival which featured traditional bull running and bull fighting events.

Kukuxumusu's designs are distinctive for their style and humor. Incorporating environmental, social and cultural issues there is often a slight sexual undertone. One of their notable tee-shirt designs is a peace sign covered VW van ‘humping’ a tank. Humans and animals often reverse roles to create ironic storylines ie: the bulls will be chasing the humans. Their desings incorperate many Basque symbols staying true to their roots. Kukuxumusu also creates custom designs for companies, sports teams and groups.

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