Scott Rohlfs

Scott Rohlfs 'Big Eyed Beauties' are looking at you. They are either looking at you or looking through you, which is probably worse. The women that Mr. Rohlfs paints are usually tattooed and always sassy. They vacillate on the brink of anger and despair, truly unpredictable. In fantasy and on canvas one is inclined to have them stick around.

By creating feminine muses with startling eyes to the soul, their overt sexuality becomes almost an undertone. On an unconscious level these painting reflect an asexual diversity. Fitting the role of both fantasy and representation they are both objects of the imagination as well as commanders.
Much of Mr. Rohlfs work captures contemporary urban culture motifs. His 'Big Eyed Beauties' are doused in a subculture that seems to propel them towards their steady uncertainty. 

Mr. Rohlfs is primarily a self taught artist whose talents have driven him to immerse himself in his work and continue to develop his skills. Born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in Northern California he now lives with his wife and children in Portland, Oregon.

His work is currently showing at Distinction Gallery in Escondido, CA and Ivanffy-Uhler Gallery in Carlsbad, CA. Next month he will be displaying his work at the Erotic Art Museum in Amsterdam.



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