Contemporary Art 2009

So it is the end of a decade, the end of 2009.

We had a lovely New Years Eve. I hope you did too.

Something that stood out for me in the last week of 2009 was how many people seemed ready to get it over with. Many times I heard a ‘good riddance’, ‘it can only go up from here’ type of attitude. Was it really that bad?

Does this photograph taken at the 53rd Venice Biennale this past fall “Death of a Collector” sums up the attitude of many in the art community?
When I first saw this on the September 2009 cover of Art in America, I thought it was brilliant.

Shown by the creative duo Elmgreen and Dragset, this installation, which includes the works of over 25 artists, is based in the home of art collector Mr. B (the subject of the pool incident). The mysterious Mr. B, is an archetype that embodies the stereotype of the idealistically wealthy art collector.  His home and collection are enviable.
Are Mr. B and his kind mostly face down after 2009?

Where are they selling off his collection?

Happy New Year and all the best in 2010!

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