Erin Currier

I have been obsessed with Erin Currier since I came across her work in Phoenix Home and Garden, August 2009 issue.
Born in MA, Ms. Currier relocated to Taos, NM where she works and lives when not traveling. Her art is fueled by her travels to Third World countries where she studies cultures and people.
In her art Ms. Currier uses mixed mediums mingling collage and found objects with exquisite paintings. Her art echoes world politics and her subjects resonate an unapologetic glimpse of their realities. Primarily Ms. Currier represents the woman of the world and gives a voice to the most underrepresented.

From The Artist Statement:
I travel the world’s streets collecting the discarded with which to portray the discarded: the women, the mothers, the martyrs,the mothers of martyrs, barrio dwellers, day laborers, forced laborers, slave-wage laborers, shoeshine boys, lady boys, schoolgirls, gang girls, cholos, guerilla poets, Sandinistas, Zapatistas, Chavistas, the indigenous, the indigent, imprisoned, objectified, nullified, vilified, unfortified, unrecognized, silent, forgotten, and ordinary.

Two of her upcoming solo shows in Taos:
June 2010
Parks Gallery
Taos, New Mexico USA
And in:
September 2010
Blue Rain Gallery
Taos, New Mexico USA
To read more and see more of her awesome art work visit:

1 comment:

Clair said...

Ms. Currier's portraits make me think of the words determined, defiant and undefeated.

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