Lady Ren’s Hot Lemonade

I have never bartended but I do make fantastic drinks.
I love to make signature drinks for our get togethers, dinners or parties.
This spicy hot drink was inspired by the region where I live and my craving for rum. 
It creates the type of zing that makes your lips tingle and your tongue crave more.
Lady Ren’s Hot Lemonade
Three dry red Jalapeños (ripped into bits)
Three teaspoons cane sugar
Three tablespoons of hot water
Mix and fuse till mixture cools
Add one cup of White rum (I prefer Bacardi)
Let sit for 20 minutes

Fill glass halfway with crushed ice
Cover ice with rum mix
Add Pink lemonade to taste

I am entering this drink for the  Quickies : Morning, Noon and Night Cooking Challenge


Bo said...

This is one I will have to try!

Frenchie said...

Yes I'm the wimp and I'm not even ashamed of it. It was way to spicy for my taste. My french taste should I add. French cooks are not known for their use of spices in traditional cooking so why in a drink? It doesn't make any sens to me. May I have a glass of Champagne s'il vous plait? :-)

Mała Mi said...

Och, ja ostrego nie lubię, ale lubię rum ;p ale Mój Bardzo Mądry Mężczyzna lubi ostrrree :) pokażę mu :)

I dont like spicy eat and drink. But my Darling likes! I must to show this recipe him :)

I jak? :P

sarah, flourish design + style said...

ok, that sounds fabulous! xo

Lady Ren said...

Bo- let me know how you like it!
Frenchie- You are a wimp
Mala Mi- Możesz uczynić je mniej ostry dla siebie- I am sure your darling will love it!
Sarah- If you like spicy I like to rim the glass with a little cane sugar/crushed pepper- I didn't cuz Frenchie is a wimp.

Frenchie said...

I'm maybe a wimp when it comes to spices but when it comes to get rid of a very annoying dog I'm not the one who's being a wimp no more! :-)

Mała Mi said...

Masz rację :) zupełnie o tym nie pomyślałam... :P


Right!! :) Im comletely didn't think about this :)

Clair said...

MMMM-Sounds Hot!

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

My! I just had a cocktail called Chilli Zing, and it looked really hot but it actually didn't taste so. Good to know you did your own version! I am sure it tasted good!

Trevor said...

yowza! i am in!!! and I am sending this recipe to my aunt! thank you!

Lady Ren said...

Frenchie- from now on you are limited to one comment per post.
Malami- you will love it with just a hint of spicy.
Clair- the spicier the better. (for me)
Ju- I feel like my drink should have the word zing in it too.
Trevor- I hope you and your aunt like it!

Stella said...

Hey Lady Ren, I really love this. I like spicy stuff. I've been known to burn the skin of my lips off while eating spicy foods-not kidding here either!
My peppers are starting to grow outside, so I might have to give this a go. Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment on my post over at Lazaros.
p.s.-I was/am a bartender, and this looks perfect to me (smile)...

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

Hi Lady Ren

This is an intriguing entry. I like that it's spicy but looks sweet (I am assuming it's pink after mxing everything up)Chilli is never a problem for me so I would glug this down!

Thanks for supporting our challenge :)

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