1000 Journals Project by: SOMEGUY

Finally! The book that I have been waiting for has arrived. I heard about this project a few years ago and since then have been on the look out. An artist who goes by the name of Someguy conceived of the Journals Project in June of 2000. Someguy says: I have always been fascinated with graffiti whether scrawled on bathroom walls or carved into park benches- anonymous conversations and arguments held in public spaces for the world to see. He goes on to say that “translating [this] energy into [a] collaborative art project became an obsession.” His idea was to distribute 1000 blank journals around San Fransisco. He left them in public places or gave them to friends and strangers. The journals had no rules only brief instructions: inviting participants to contribute something to the journal, and then to pass it along to someone else. This process is described as: a mix of a message in a bottle and the “exquisite corpse” technique used by the surrealists.
Exquisite corpse is a surrealist concept by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled.  Every participant adds to a project in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed.

Each journal is similar to this one.

Every cover design appeared on ten of the journals for a total of one hundred unique covers. Most were contributed by well-known and emerging artists from around the world.
I love the idea that this project is a never ending cycle. Many journals have been returned and yet many still remain out in the world. The void of a journal is as much a part of the whole story. I have not finished pouring over these entries. They are extraordinarily detailed (many of them) and certainly inspiring. I am fascinated by every page and find myself lost in the doodles and writing of these snippets. I am still hopeful that one day when I least expect it I will stumble upon one of these.


Erika said...

This is awesome!!! I love love love this.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Wouldn't it be something to come across one of these journals.

dotblogg said...

Hey! wonderful idea! I saw people doing such things through their blogs too:) e.g. one person makes a journal and gives the topic(or just some words) sending the journal to the next person, next person does the same etc. It looks always amazing! :)
Now I'm thinking about starting it from my blog:)
good choice with this book:)

take care!

Mary said...

What a fascinating project! I hope one does indeed find its way to you. Blessings...Mary

Trish said...

omgosh this book looks brillilant! I have a gift cert to Barnes & Noble I got this weekend for my birthday, and will stop by on my way home from work today in the hope that they have it in stock. Fingers crossed they will! Thanks for the tip

Lady Ren said...

Erika- It is awesome so nice to hold.
Dotblog- let me know if you start one of these, I would love to add something.
Mary- thank you, I continue to be on the look out for a little black journal.
Trish- Happy Birthday. I hope you were able to get a copy. I have been loving mine.

amy @ switz~art said...

this is incredible! i love a worldly project and i love journals...it's very similar to leaving a camera on a park bench and seeing the photos people take.

great post!

thanks for popping by my silly little blog, switz~art! i was bummed about my uggs, but there is more to life...i guess...but is there? bahaha!

i have put you on my reader and plugged you on the side of my page...your blog is most excellent!

dotblogg said...

Hey again:)
I found some pages from wandering scrapbooking journals. Unfortunately I couldn't reach the full scans of all the pages but here you'll find some ideas: http://scrapbookingowe-albumy.blogspot.com/
I'll start my own journal(not necessarily scrapbooking) soon, so I'll let you know;)
take care!

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