Phish 3D: Of Festival 8- Halloween 2009: We'll Make Hippies Of Them Yet!

We have been to a lot of Phish shows. Well I have been to ten shows- but Dr. J’s been to close to two hundred and by extension of being his wife for the past ten years-  I have been immersed in the Phish culture. For the record I never went to a single Phish show until Dr. J took me.
This past Halloween we took our monkeys to their first shows. It was a three day festival in Palm Springs at the Coachella site, Festival 8. For months we discussed it. The previous Halloween we had gone 'trick or treating' in the Pacific Palisades with friends and the monkeys were leaning towards full sized candy bars. Dr. J tried to entice them by saying “we can camp out on the lot” at which point Gman says: “Why would we stay in a tent if we could stay at a hotel?” (That’s my boy).

Here is our decidedly not camp ground casita where we spent three nights.
The festival was amazing. We saw tons of friends from Canada and the US and hung out with some pretty amazing people. The monkeys were fantastic and had a great time at the shows. At the venue we took them shopping for rocks and crystals which is their favorite thing to shop for.
They had really cool art installations set up all over the venue and in the main tented area. The largest attractions were the amazing fire shows which were audience operated and the million foot high Ferris wheel.
Can you see the Ferris wheel way in the back?

If you wish you were at the shows or are interested in 'seeing' what a show is like, get the patchouli out (optional) and prepare for the April 30th release date of the 3D concert experience of these shows. There are prescreening on April 20th in Boston; Burlington, VT; Chicago; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; New York; Raleigh/Durham, NC; and Washington, D.C.
For my last post about the Darien Lake Shows this summer read here .
To see the trailer for PHISH 3D go to: http://vimeo.com/10419545


Lovely World said...

I never saw a Phish concert. But, I went to many Grateful Dead concerts. Same festival atmosphere. It is very interesting to "follow" a group like that. A culture unto itself. The clothes, mannerisms, and conversations people have. I'm sure books must be written about this. Have a nice weekend.

Lady Ren said...

Lovely- totally the same thing. I am very much an 'Outsider' prespective on this one. I have ALWAYS had fun at the shows but have never 'followed' them. Totally a cultural thing. My husband went to a bunch of GD shows too but they were no longer by the time this preppy girl entered his life. We have books- I have just never read them.

niku said...

I can't wait to take the kids to a show when they're a little older! I had never heard of Phish until I met my husband almost ten years ago, but since then we have gone to a good number of shows. My four year old loves them-- "Play Sparkle, Daddy"

Lady Ren said...

Niku- that is so cute- our boys have a few favorites too. They had a great time at the shows but I think it had more to do with glow sticks and ice cream then the music.

niku said...

There is a lot to be said for glow sticks and ice cream.

Bo said...

You know I don't think I have ever heard a Phish song before.

Clair said...

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun,
especially your monkeys. Nice to meet up with old friends.

Caroline said...

Awesome! We started taking Patrick last summer, but as you know with little ones, the experience is ever changing! He had so much fun last night at Hershey, I can't wait for next week in Saratoga!

F8 was the ONLY festival we did not attend out of all of them. Taking off of work, and the logistics of making it all work just didn't happen..but we'll be flying to Telluride later this summer with our guy, who turns TWO the day we fly, costing us an extra plane ticket! AHH!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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