I found these very cool tights on Etsy in a shop called Tattoo Socks. Started by two Tel Aviv based artist Gabby a designer and illustrator makes these tights. (They are currently sold out).
I love how sassy and current to 'contemporary culture' they are. Obviously these tights are a refrence to following on Twitter but they are relevant to blogger following as well.
I like to follow blogs and keeping up with what they are blogging about. It is easy to see who has posted most recently when it is all in one section. If someone follows me, I follow them back.
Dani of I’m Just That Way And That’s Just Me wrote a genuine post about following and wanting followers here .
I find it interesting what bloggers have as their tag lines for their ‘Followers’ link.
Here are some of my favorite: “Follower" tag lines:
and then there were sixty-four  (updated with each addition but something special going on now for 66)
The Doughnut Gang!
We're going to the beach. Wanna come?
I think I'm being followed...
If you have or know a "Follower" tag line that makes you smile please post it in the comments below- I would love to check it out!


sherri said...

awww, thanks. so funny, I've always wished I could come up with something catchier or wittier for my "follow" tagline. now you have validated me. and I am so glad you followed me b/c I found your blog. and love it.

Dani G said...

"follow me virtually but not in person"?? Hilarious!!

Lady Ren said...

Sherri- I started following you cuz your blog is great AND you have a great tagline.
Dani- The one you have now as your numbers counter- but used to be for follower: See it's not just my mom, is awesome too!
and thanks-

Bo said...

I wonder if I wore those tights if I could get more followers? lol

Luna said...

Great post. Great Comments. "See, it's not just my mum" is absolutely perfect! Still thinking about mine....
X Luna

Lady Ren said...

Bo- I am laughing my head off! But yes I think you would.
Luna- I know such a great tagline!

dotblogg said...

:D nice tights for girls and for boys too;) First I thought it's a tatoo:)
I also do the same thing- when somebody follows me I follow him/her too on their blogs of course:)
The only sentence I connect with following is like something taken from Alice in Wonderland- "If I were a cat I would follow me" (we learn English conditionals on similar sentences;)
take care!

Erika said...

Those tights are fantastic! I feel like I need to come up with something clever for my follow widget now.

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

am I allowed to do my own?
It's from Henri de la Rochejaquelein, the youngest general Royalist insurrection in the French Revolution.
He gave famous order "Mes amis, si j'avance, suivez-moi! Si je recule, tuez-moi! Si je meurs, vengez-moi!"

I love the dramatic!

Lady Ren said...

Just- I think that is a great tagline-
Erika- Totally great tights- if you come up with something post it and I'll link you!
Mommy Drinks- I love yours, you should leave it in French!

Lovely World said...

Love the tights...I think I want the shoes as well.

Dean Grey said...

Lady Ren!

Thanks for this!

"The Doughnut Gang" are some of the coolest people you'll every meet!



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