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I have been fascinated with the film Wendy and Lucy since it came out in 2008. Starring Michelle Williams it is the film she made and promoted around her break up with Heath Ledger and his death. I have always thought that Ms. Williams is a fantastic actor and really wanted to see her in this role.
Wendy and Lucy is an adaptation of Jon Raymond’s short story Train Choir. It is directed by Kelly Reichard and won both Best Picture and Best Actress at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards in 2008.
This small understated indie film: features Williams as a down-and-out young woman who is on her way to Alaska to find work. She stops to sleep in a dismal Oregon town and in short order loses her car and her dog, Lucy. There appears to be no safety net for people like Wendy. Once they slip, there's nothing to catch them.
The film takes place over two days and is done on a small budget without extravagance. Ms. Williams dominates the events as they unfold. She is excellent at gaining viewer compassion despite her limits in the pace and action of the film. Ms Reichardt uses images and the sounds of real life, leading the story between spurts of diologues with characters Wendy encounters. The dog Lucy is played by the directors own pooch and unpretensiously plays the role of Wendy’s best and only friend.
Great interview with M. Williams where the above quote is from:
Official website of the film:


sherri said...

LOVED this movie. Michelle Williams is amazing actress and an underappreciated talent.

Saumya said...

Thank you so much for writing a blog about the arts. I am trying to pursue the arts (specifically writing and music) and attempting to convey it through my blog as well. Your blog is really fun to read!

Luna said...

I love Michelle too. She is not your typical Hollywood actress (and who can forget her in that vintage yellow dress she wore a few years back on the red carpet??) She is one of a kind absolutely.

jacqueline said...

I adore Michelle Williams and i have not watch this movie. It sounds amazing and i will have to check it out. :) Hope you are having a good week so far. Love to you!

Mała Mi said...

I don't see this movie, but this actress colligat just wiht series "Dawson's Creek"... Are You know? :)
I don't like this series... :P


Nie widziałam tego filmu, ale tę aktorkę kojarzę tylko z serialem "Jezioro marzeń". Znasz?
Ja go nie lubię...

amy @ switz~art said...

thank you for the reminder!!! i need to make lists of the movies that pop in my head to see! i love michelle williams...and plus, she was waaaaaay better than katie holmes in dawson' creek!

Erika said...

I so wanted to see this film and kinda forgot about it until now...I am adding it to netflix as we speak....

Also I awarded your blog. Stop by and check it out!

Ally said...

OMG! We just rented this from Netflix a few weeks ago. Soooo good! I had no idea about it being around the breakup/death of Heath. Wow!

I loved how that security guard was so helpful and you could see he had his own problems. I hated that damn kid at the supermarket though. What a jerk :(

Thanks for following along! I'm here now too!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Lady Ren said...

Sherri- I agree, I think she is very talented.
Saumya- Welcome and thanks for stopping by AND commenting.
Luna- SO right- that dress was amazing.
Jac- you should totally watch it- Hope you are having a good week too
Malami- I know the series but never really watched it- Never seen it writen in Polish either-Jezioro marzeń!
Amy- I started a list this year as I have been puting it off for my WHOLE life. Great watch.
Erika- totally great movie and you will love it! Thank you SO much for the blog nomination- I have been checking out all the links- great stuff. You rock.
Ally- Welcome- I agree security guard was great- That kid at the store sucked and I had moments of stress thinking that one of my monkeys might be a 'do- gooder' like that- I hope he's not but he follows rules like my husband and I never have- Oh well I guess it could be worse!

Lovely World said...

I missed this in the theaters. Thanks for reminding me of it, because I was very intrigued by the story.

Clair said...

Appreciate the review. Looking forward to watching it. Will check out our library.

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