The Life and Reuse of a Tree

Dennis Lin is a Toronto based artist who together with his partner Jaclyn Quaresma runs gallery 47.
Mr. Lin’s work examines the concept of natural and man made. In his latest instillation titled: n° 1-60, a large maple has been cut into 60, three-inch slices and hung in sequence on the gallery ceiling. Each piece has been debarked, sanded, oiled and waxed and then numbered and tagged with metal plates to give the impression of scientific cateloguing. Nature’s process is incomparable and unrivaled according to Lin and his great respect for the display of the tree which he has salvaged from the mill is a testament to this. According to Mr. Lin “to see the sections of the tree is to wonder how it grew, how it lived and how it died, I've cataloged this tree out of my own curiosity and to make it accessible for others to question how this organism came into being."

Mr. Lin’s work really resonated with me because I recently saved my own trees from a woodchipper. In my case they were Ash and I saw them being cut down on the side of the road. I have wanted camp seating around our backyard fire pit and took this opportunity to swerve my car and ask the crew if they minded. Not only did they not mind but they straightened out the tops for me when I told them what I wanted to use it for and carried it to my car for me! My ultimate goal is to let this wood cure for a year and then to spray paint it with bright, glossy primary colors. For now they are rustic looking and very comfortable to sit on. I love fire pit weather as much as pool weather.

To check out gallery 47 and read Dennis Lin bio visit: http://www.forty-seven.ca/
For those in Toronto this work will be on display until March 5th, 2010 at 47.
The photographs of Dennis Lins work are by Derek Flack the other are my own.


Bo said...

Great idea to use logs as seating around your fire pit.

Anonymous said...

Hot dogs and marshmallows - what a cool idea. Hope you post a picture again when you have done spray painting the logs.
Interesting artists, especially liked their use of natural medium for the works.

isabelle said...

the link for Ida's photo challenge is working now ... you can have a look if you want !!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVIN this...I should really get into Toronto more often.
Thanks for passing by our Blog!
Lovely to find another Canadian blogging so near to home...and who's passion is creativity.

Have a great week.

Lovely World said...

This has an elegant beauty. Reminds me a bit of dinosaur fossils in a natural history museum.

Lady Ren said...

I love artist who use natural mediums as well.
I will post photos of the logs when I paint them but I am going to give them a year so that they are dry through-
Toronto is a fantastic city and has so many great galleries.

Dean Grey said...

Lady Ren!

Wow! Mr. Lin's art installation is IMPRESSIVE!

I love how you turned the fallen tree into custom seating too!


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