Terra Cotta Clay Art

Inspired by a project Sir S did at school I bought some Terra Cotta clay at our art supply store. It stays soft until you bake it which sounds pretty idiot proof to me.

It takes some hard core kneading to get it palpable and one of the monkeys was not into this aspect of the process but once we had is soft and malleable they both had a great time.

Instead of placing the final pieces into an oven at 130c as the directions suggest we talked about ‘alternative’ ways to bake. The monkeys thought that placing it in our roasting pan, on tinfoil and placing it in our back yard fire pit might produce enough heat. We live in the desert so I am not worried about if it will get hot enough but rather what will happen if it gets too hot.

Anyway- we’re experimenting. To see Sir S’s original clay art work click here.

Questions to consider while creating:
What materials (medium) are we using to create?
What texture does this medium have? 
What sort of effect can you create with the raised and recessed areas? 
Is this  a sculpture? 


Bossy Betty said...

Very cool and creative! Love the finished piece!

and flowers pick themselves said...

have a wonderful weekend, ren!

xo Alison

Cashon&Co said...

as much as i love seeing these sweet boys creating art (warms my heart to see those wheels turning!) i still can't get past this living room. i'm serious. i would love to feature this if you felt comfortable to send me more pictures. can we visit about that? xo

Krystal said...

this is hilarious!
btw, those trains are seriously on the clock. very cool :)

elycia said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! nice to meet you! that looks like fun :) by the way...i love how you have your books organized! it looks amazing!

Lenore said...

Craft experimenting is the best!!


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