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I love independent films and I love foreign films. I appreciate good Hollywood movies and especially like to catch up on the older ones. For the past few years I have been seeking Film Movement films- catching up on the old ones and anticipating the new ones.
The Film Movement club seeks to give members access to award-winning independent and foreign films. Often small yet deserving films, facing marketing costs restrains and Hollywood blockbuster overshadowing, do not reach audiences that would appreciate such films. The club was created to give access to its members by sending out monthly DVD.

Films we select include winners of film festivals like Sundance, Toronto, and Cannes, as well as films that have won or been nominated for their country’s equivalent to the Academy Award.

I enjoy being able to access the website to find out what award winning films are playing in theaters, which ones have come out and generally outsourcing the research needed to find great films.
I just picked up two more today which I am super excited to watch!
To see the last Film Movement Films I reviewed on this blog check out:
A really amazing Polish/English film about friendship, adventures and Polish immigrants living in a small British town:
Somers Town
And a Czech film taking place in the beautiful countryside which addresses love, relationships and homosexuality.
Country Teacher
I will watch my new Film Movement films over the weekend so check back soon to see my reviews on a Rwandan film that looks as difficult as The Stoning of Soraya M and a film that takes place in Lake Tahoe.
Check out their website: http://www.filmmovement.com/


sherri said...

you know I love a film review, and these look really great!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

You write wonderful reviews. Great job!

I just saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, on blu ray, it was pretty good. Johnny Depp did a fantastic job I thought!


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Really cool!
Love your blog! Super interesting.
Following you now, come follow me and say hi :)
Happy Friday Follow!

Krystal said...

i love films like this and am always looking for new ones so this is so great. check out 'grbavica'

Clair said...

I very much appreciate your reviews and have seen some great movies as a result. Last PM I saw
FROZEN RIVER, a winner of the grand jury prize from the Sundance film festival. If you do see it, let me(us) know what you think.

Clair said...

I forgot to mention that I looked at the filmmovement website. Great source of available but lesser known movies. Thanks for the information.

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